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I was thinking the same thing about the bounce commercial. i can't imagine wearing chemicals like that up against your skin all day long , how could that possibly be good for you?
What i listen to when i workout is nothing like what i listen to in the car usually. I like hip/hop pop music to start, then rage against the machine when it gets hard, and then something softer to end with. This thread has me going to revive my old Pink and rusted root cd. I dont' know why those aren't on my ipod already. I've been needing some new music.
I counted mine and my dh's together. We are trying to keep it combined under 50k. He had about 12k from before we even met, and since we are both in school right now we aren't paying on it.
I find august through december to be the most expensive here. School starts for dh and i, and my son in august so we have tons of different fees, and supplies to pick up. Then my kids usually need new winter clothes once the weather gets cooler, and this year we all need new winter coats. All my ils bday's are september through december. My neice, sil, bil, mil, and my dh, plus xmas presents. The car needs winterized, and it all just keeps adding up. We pay our car...
we are paying 120 per month after taxes and everything. We have att. 1100 minutes with 3 lines. We also have a wireless/unlimited texting package which i believe is 20.00 a month added on to my dh's line(it might be less). I have a 5.00$ 500 text messaging package, and we also have nights starting at 7 instead of 9 which we pay extra for too( we are dropping this next month). I've had this phone and plan for ages (6 years) att has good service especially because i've been...
We have no matching sets of towels. We have about 20 old towels that dh and i each had before we were together, and the kids have 10 hooded towels from baby shower gifts. We are getting our first set of matching towels for our bday from my sister - I'm so excited!
we started thursday. I took summer classes so my summer break was 3 weeks long. I'm not ready, but i guess i have to be huh...
I'm a procrastinator too, except when it comes to moving. I start packing months in advance, and then i'm unpacked within a week. I have no advice. I know you'll get it done. Good luck.
We spend about 700 i would say. Sometimes less if we eat out more. That is for a family of four, and includes toiletries and diapers and home supplies.
I was going to ask what your weekends are like as well. I'm doing this as well *I'm not single, but dh is in school full time and working also* and i do most cleaning and home activities on the weekend. I cook easy breakfasts like pancakes and waffles, and freeze. I do all the laundry that has accumulated, and clean every room top to bottom. That stuff slides during the week. I'm taking 12 hours on campus this semester and i do about 2hours of hw most nights, but not all....
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