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I agree with everyone else, babies don't have to be expensive, kids however.......   You are still in the stage when everyone wants to buy baby gifts, and when thirft stores are full of stuff.  That period of time is short lived.  The kids start eatting, they are invited to birthday parties, they have activities, they grow like weeds but still manage to blow the knees out of all the pants along the way.  If you homeschool there are costs, we go to a charter and there...
When was the last time he was tested and when was the last time he was actually seen by the nurse or doctor.  I won't scare you with ds's story but regardless of weight gain, wet diapers and nursing I'd have him looked at.  It's most likely fine but he should be checked out by a professional that deals with newborns.
I don't know how it would handle in the snow, but we have an 05 Civic and absolutely love it.  It easily handles two large carseats, and get 30+ in the city and nearly 40 highway.  It has 100,000 miles on it (just this week) and it has been nothing but amazing.
They are way cheaper than filling a cavity, they dont' hurt and all since it's just painted on.  I'd say get sealents on all adult teeth.
I bought 2 of these for the kids when ds was starting K, he is now in 4th grade and still using it and it's looks almost brand new.
Is there a cheaper place in the complex? A 2bd/1bath or a 1/1? What about finding a different roomate at the new place? If you could swing the rent alone for a month or two that would give you time to interview people and find someone who is a better fit. On the student loan front you should be able to get a deferment.
None of my kids slept through the night until we nightweaned.
Ds 9.5 is still in a highback booster, and likely will be for a while. He is on the smaller side. It makes me cringe the number of school aged kids that don't ride in anything.
There is nothing on the form about why you object, medical, philisophical, religious, just that you object. Just fill out the bubbles of the ones you object to any/all whatever and send it in.
No real advice, but that quote doesn't sound all that bad for what you are getting done. Over the last two years we've replaced all the windows in our fixer (which is practically a new house compared to yours 1970's), and had the crawlspace/attic filled with blown insulation. It's helped a whole bunch, not cheap but at some point we had to do something. We still need to figure out what do do about the wall insulation.......
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