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Thanks lil_earthmomma I am hanging in there as best I can. This week I continue to do the 8 push ups. They are so hard!
So happy to find other bellydancers!
This week I am advancing to 8 push ups. I will truly be surprised if I will ever be able to do 100 push ups. I am continuing to do my modified push up each day. Plus hand weights. I really want to firm up my arms.
I can only do 7 of the real push ups. But I can do 50 of the modified push ups. My goal is to do 100 of the real push ups. And since they are so hard, I know it is going to take me a long time to reach that goal. Because those push ups are hard for me to do, but I'll keep trying.
I got started today. Anyone else start today?
I want to give it a try. I need some a new exercise challenge.
I want to thank the mommy that answer my question of where I could meet a man. She said Walmart of all places. Well I am happy to report, that Walmart had something to do with it. And I look forward to sharing information about the wedding! I am planning for this summer or fall 2010 You mommies rock! Thanks!
B"H, I hope that all is well. Tonight, our shul had an engagement dinner. And I really ate too many sweets. But those brownies, with the icing, continued to call my name. Everything was so yummy. I am looking forward to the wedding. Lately, it seems that it has been one shiva after another, and so much sadness. I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend a wedding, or any happy event at this time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magelet What fast day is it today? Today was the "Fast of Tevet 10". The beginning of the siege around Jerusalem.
smeisnotapirate: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a wonderful and special day today! I pray that all of us, who Fast today, are having an easy Fast.
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