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Wow, the implications of this statement are really racist and xenophobic. So, what, only brown foreign people perform terrorist attacks on the American population? I bet the Oklahoma City bombing was merely a prank too, huh?   Yes, this is very believable. If the 2001 anthrax attacks were all a hoax, former "Intel" would totally be blabbing that information on a public forum in casual conversation.  
Thought I'd let you all know that I'm a graduate now. I became a Mama to DonnaLucia S----- D----- on September 14th. She is a delight! I just.....there aren't words. I just love her so much. The birth was not a good experience. I ended up with a c-section, and not for lack of a stellar effort on the part of my midwife to try and give me the natural birth I wanted.....and not for lack of effort on my part either! I'm told I pushed nonstop for almost six hours,...
Okay, every time I take a shower, I nearly black out and frequently end up throwing up/retching/dry heaving. What is the deal? I am 14w4d, and this has been going on for at least the last month. Is it the change in temperature, going from cold room to hot shower? Standing in one place? What is the deal? I don't even shower every day anymore because it is just getting to be too damn dangerous. And that's crazy! : Anyone else experience anything like this?
Okay, not feeling creative enough to come up with any questions right now. But I've really enjoyed reading this thread and getting to know you, CC.
So glad you and your girl are doing okay!
NaturalMindedMama, sorry you feel on display. As much as I want to start showing, I would find that "everybody's looking" feeling really hard too. I had not considered that aspect. I want a belly to show off to close friends and family, not to random strangers. s to you!
Thanks for your post GenomicsGirl!! It is comforting. I'm 13w5d and not showing at all. At all. I assume it is because of a combination of two elements: I'm already a little bit chubby/curvy and I've been informed that I have a tilted uterus. In one way, I am relieved because we don't have a lot of extra cash for me to be buying months and months worth of maternity clothes. On the other hand, I am already getting comments from well-meaning friends and family, like...
Team Yellow!
Quote: Originally Posted by Viola That way, they know your baby will be big, and they can go ahead and schedule the c-section right away--that's a tongue in cheek comment, but not necessarily a joke. I heard this several times in my first pregnancy. Even though I passed the first test (where I didn't fast before hand, but did sit quietly for an hour), I was borderline, and she did a fasting blood draw later, concerned I had GD. And she talked about a...
See, that's the thing I don't understand. Why are they purposefully taxing your system? What is the point? If I'm smart, I won't be exposed to buttloads of sugar at any other time during this pregnancy -- and possibly during the rest of my life! -- except if I take this silly test. I guess I just don't understand. Refined sugar is just not a natural part of the human diet. The fact that such a large percentage of people can tolerate mass amounts of it at once seems...
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