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We're naked where it's appropriate--getting dressed, in the hot tub, etc., but not while cooking breakfast or some such. Ds #1 is 7 years old, and doesn't seem disturbed by it, sometimes he sits on my lap in the hot tub. It's nice to have the skin-to-skin contact again. Ds #2 gets plenty of that since he's 10 mos. A lot of this is simply practical: I can't imagine not being interrupted while dressing, and I'm not about to try to be discreet while nursing in my own home....
The book that worked for me was a cheezy glossy magazine type thing called "I can't believe I'm knitting!" Found it a Ben Franklin. Even has patterns for poodle jackets... I like also Kids Knitting, as already mentioned, and it has some great beginner projects. I'm trying my first sweater, out of the second Minnow knits book. For knitting needles, you could make some needles for your dd. My son made his at school (waldorf, knitting is part of the curriculum): take a...
Don't want to freak you out, but that icky stuff can be toxic, causing all kinds of reactions from mild to severe. We had it grwoing on the windows in my son's kindergarten a few years back, and hired an environmental firm to clean it up. I recall they used denatured alcohol for the final wipe down. I swear they were using q-tips in every corner too. Smelled a whole lot better when they were done. It does help to heat the room and dehumidify. Good luck!
My father-in-law is a beekeeper, and if they are bees, any good beekeeper will come out and capture the queen and take away the hive, and even thank you for it! You can find a beekeeper through any local apiary society. If they're wasps, unfortunately, all the suggestions I've ever heard end with, "...and run like h*ll!" Our neighbors had a nest in tehir garage this summer, and they kept getting into our house. One actually stung ds twice. Poor baby! Good luck!
This all sounds very interesting, and I know I'm jumping in late, but what is a keeper made of? I'm allergic to latex, so if it is, it'll go the way of my old diaphragm. Today in the coop I saw little natural sponges to be used like tampons. Anybody tried these?
If you're already a teacher/professor, Fullbright has some nifty exchange programs. Otherwise, it's TEFL (if you're planning to teach English, that is). I did a year on a Fullbright grant many years ago--that's where I met dh!
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