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nak i haven't been posting much, but slowly reading along. things have been going really well for us- meryl (5 weeks, which feels unblievable,) is really an incredible sleeper and very content when she is awake. my other two were so uber-alert, but she is much more relaxed- she looks so zen, just kind of taking it all in. for the last few nights she has NOT wanted me to put the other two to sleep (i sit between the older two and nurse her till they are asleep,) and...
congratulations! i am happy that everything went so well...and it is wonderful to know that such a great dr. exists!
congratulations! he is a sweet-sweet little valentines treat. i had a terrible tear with my last- take it easy on yourself, get a lot of rest, and ask for help when you need it.
congratulations! hope you are in bed snuggled up with the little one now.
cute cute. congratulations! so happy that you had such a healing experience!
i like the name oliver too! congratulations! so many vbacs!
congratulations! and horrah for happy endings!
congratulations! he is beautiful!
thinking of you. i hope you find a fast recovery..
hmm..the link didn't work. i'll try again http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2111300&id=1140950621&l=404733e903   lets see
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