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1.) My facial nerve pain would be gone forever. 2.) I'd love exercising. 3.) I'd have a third child.
We went camping where there were bear and moose warnings. Never saw one at three different camp sites.
My brother and I both have geographic tongue disorder . His actually looks like some one sliced acrossed it several times whereas mine just has white patches.
My son had it last year and it resolved on its own with no treatment. He kept scratching it which spread it so I had to make sure he stopped. Sorry your little one has it.
I should probably clean out my cabinets.
Yes, my son accidentally pulled up something sexual when browsing for Super Mario Brothers. I have Net Nanny but it was not free.
Thank you for all your insights. I've been pretty tired still so I haven't been as active BUT I am watching what I eat. As for the panic, I have it mostly at bay except for last night when I couldn't sleep. I was so tired but everything was bothering me. Even then, though, I was able to talk myself through it. Mom0810, I really didn't want to go back on meds but I finally learned I can't handle it on my own. My Dad is bipolar and there is other mental illness in my...
The hypnosis program I use is by Darren Marks a hypnotherapist in London. I have an iTouch so I got a free relaxation app called Deep Relax - Relax Completely. There are some paid apps from them but the free one works fine. I also think you can downloads the mp3s to your computer if you don't have an iTouch.
It is funny now. Every night I started listening to a hypnosis relaxation thingy on my iPod. Either it works really well or the guy is so boring my body can't help but fall asleep.
We had our third annual "End of School" party - everyone brings side dishes and the host house provides the main entree (burgers and brauts). The families from our street and the adjoining street are all invited. We also have a Christmas party on our immediate cul-de-sac. We have driveway drinking hours. We swap babysitting. When I was sick two weeks ago and my DH was out of town, my DD spent the night at neighbor's houses for two nights. Its far from perfect but it...
New Posts  All Forums: