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Changing table..baby wipe warmer...baby monitor..15 different contraptions to set your baby down in (one should do the trick)..baby Einstein videos (gag me).
Yes! I can't stand the selection of clothes at those places. Luckily my nine year old doesn't like them either... And still wants me picking out all her clothes. We get most of her clothing from 2nd hand stores or hand me downs.
We love playmobil.
I would most definitely have a talk with the teacher. If she doesn't know what is going on..she can't help find a solution. And like Letitia, if it were my child that was the aggressor..I would want to know about it.
My 9 year old has a few. Two gifted (by the same friend).. and one that dd bought herself. I refuse to spend $20 on them. And I'm convinced she really only wants them because her friends have them. She has never owned or wanted to own a Barbie. I think they are too skinny and gross looking..so if I find one without clothes in my daughter's room ill dress it! Lol Dd tried watching a monster high show (or movie?).. and didn't enjoy it.
I don't remember 16 being any different then my other birthdays. My parents were well off..but I still didn't get a car. I think you are putting too much pressure on yourself! Sounds like she would enjoy a gift card or two to a clothing store and maybe a gift card to buy music.
Thank you everyone. This has been eating at me all weekend. I sent a little text apologizing and making sure it was clear we weren't intentionally hurting friend 3's feelings. I haven't heard back from the mom..and I don't expect to. I asked Dd if she had played with friend 3 at school today and she said she had and there was no mention of the birthday party. Dd said " we acted like the birthday party never happened". Hopefully the mom of friend 3 can forgive too. Thanks...
I have had a talk with Dd about how friend 3 probably felt when she heard the other girls planning. She realized what she had done and felt genuinely sorry for hurting friend 3's feelings. We also told Dd that she could invite friend 3 to the party. (this would have complicated things since we were transporting them and only have three buckles in the back...which is why we initially said only two friends). Dd said she didn't want to invite friend 3 and I guess I sorta...
Im having a little anxiety over a situation with some friends. My DD turned nine last week..and for her birthday she decided she wanted a sleepover. Dd decided on two girls she wanted to invite...and we planned the party. Dd is in a class where all the kids are fairly close friends..and have all been in the same class together going on three years. Dd and two birthday friends talked about the sleepover at school..and another close friend (I will call her friend 3)..assumed...
We took a weekend trip to San Fran when my ddhad just turned five. We brought our stroller..but it was a terrible idea. The hills were hard..getting on/off buses and trains was a joke. The city is really not a child friendly place. We found it was easy to fit in lots of breaks for a rest and snack. Enjoy!!
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