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True TPBM has meals planned out for the week
1. I can not seen to go to sleep tonight and stay asleep. 2. The sink is full of dirty dishes. 3. My dogs snore louder than my DH. Lol 4. I have a child that is not feeling good. 5. I am craving some chips and salsa.
I love using coconut oil!! It's an awesome lubricant!
It was 2 years after we were together for me to feel comfortable to pass gas in front of DH. Sometimes I will feel embarrassed if its too loud. Yes it is natural thing that your body does but sometimes I still get embarrassed.
We use Purex Free and Clear also. I wish I was able to find coupons on it. It is cheap but I do love using coupons.
I had no idea garlic would help!! I will have to try it next time. I do have sensitive skin and worried that it may burn a lot. Any other mommas have sensitive skin and it not burn?
My 2 oldest (13,11) go to bed at 9pm during school and 10pm on weekends/summer. My youngest (3) goes to bed at 8pm every night. A few times during the month I will let the oldest two go to bed when they want but it is normally close to bed time.
New Posts  All Forums: