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try and finish my crafts I have started.   My favorite activitiy to do with my child/children is.....
My three would have to be: Milk Toilet paper Sugar
Drive a SUV Eat fast food once a week My kids are vaccinated Had 2 hospital births Use disposables when away from home
*Having a stocked pantry, I grew up very poor so when I have food I don't worry. There's usually always some food that everyone likes. *Lotion that smells yummy *Being able to see my kids smiling faces when we get to go to the park or down to the lake.
Hi and Welcome to MDC!!!
Hi and Welcome to MDC!!!
Hi and Welcome to MDC!!
Hello and Welcome to MDC!!
I will drink a pepsi every once ina while. Coke if I cant find a pepsi. I used to drink them every day but I had gooten out of the habit of it. Now I just use it as a treat maybe once a month. I have tried the diets but dont think they taste good. And they always seem to give me a headache after I drink a diet one.
New Posts  All Forums: