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Thank you Lindsay, thank you Katie. Katie, I think we were in the same ddc...good times!! ♥ Can you believe how big our babes are now???
So this probably means nothing to most of you...but I'm back! : I'm glad to see some of my old friends are still here, though I don't recognize many of you anymore! (I used to know everyone! lol...) We made a move, kids are growing like weeds (updated pics in siggie), and my photography biz is growing growing. So...anyway.....nice to see all of you! I hope to hop right back in! Oh and BTW...LOVE this new smilie!! ---> :
Here is the API Group forum for Topeka, KS ladies! http://www.attachmentparenting.org/f...splay.php?f=88
Hello! I have been on a mothering haitus but I am back. : My photography business is growing and we are adjusting to our new surroundings. We just made the move to Topeka (from Lawrence--oh how I miss Lawrence!!! ) last November. Sounds like we should work up a Topeka playdate!!! Who's in? Should I start a thread? Sarah
Hello everybody. We just moved to Topeka, after living almost 7 years in Lawrence. I am terribly homesick!! Lawrence is the best place to live EVAH. Anyway, we are adjusting. Hello all the other T-town mammas and pappas!! Btw... yeah. Totally :
Dag nab it--posting isues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cherry coke
still can't access at all, e-mailed them day before yesterday and still waiting for reply... :
: I still can't get on AT ALL either...... :
Quote: Originally Posted by kerpav ITA that you should just make your own. They are a great alternative for me when meal planning, esp. as I used to really overdo it at breakfast which led to a cycle of carb/sugar cravings throughout the day.: I am doing Eat To Live and every morning (or sometimes for lunch) I have a homemade smoothie which literally gives me hours of energy I never thought I had! I buy assorted frozen fruits for them. THis is one I...
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