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Quote: Originally Posted by annabanana DS, 2y8m, had a bit of an irritation / redness on the tip of his penis before, but it usually clears up when he is diaper free, usually within a couple of hours. his spent the last 24 hours diaper free, and yet the redness is not gone. before we decided on the diaper free approach, he also complained that his penis hurt when he peed in his diaper (took it off, of course, right away). DS also has a cold...
oh yeah, The whole point is it's Grass Fed AAA Canadian Black Angus. Best mooo mooo out there evar!!!! Even the tough bits melt in your mouth like buttah
Quote: Originally Posted by Feb2003 So your cow had wings?? seriously, what do you plan to do with it? Then maybe I can be jealous... Sprinkle it with a bit of Montreal Steak Spice and charbroil it so it's nice and medium rare...serve it with a baked potato with some butter, and steamed veggies. hehe Wing Steak is acctually one of the better cuts of beef. There's T-bone then Wing....then all the rest. It's just so awesome....mmmmmmm
crushed saltines.
Quote: Originally Posted by 425lisamarie what is a wing steak? Ive got most of a grass fed beef in the freezer but Ive not heard of that https://riverbreeze.certifiedsecure....ng%20steak.jpg
I have, thawing out in my fridge a Cap off wing steak AAA Pure Grass fed Canadian Angus Beef. NEENER NEENER NEENER!!!
They don't care. My inlaws dont care, my parents dont care. Why would they be shocked? It's a penis. Where I live, it's one of those "non issues"
Deviantart.com Deviants that. SHOW MEH YER ARTS!!! >.>
Ok, I have commissioned for my DH, a few pieces of art. Both are comic book style. Both will be delivered to me digitally. Now HOW can I print these??? I'm thinking of getting glossy brocheur paper and glue sticking it to some cardboard and putting it in a photo frame. Any ideas? I want to get the best possible printing for the least amount of cost. I have an HP 1200 Series All in one inkjet if that's of any help TIA!!!!!!!
I believe that babes know what they need from food when they need it. If their iron or other stores are getting low, they start showing intrest in other foods. If their bodies are totally satisfied by breastmilk then that's that. They have no NEED for solids so they dont want them. Every babe is different, every mamma is different, every mamma's milk is different. So, the best way to judge solids is, wait for your baby to show you the way. All those stupid cues that...
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