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Anyone know if there is a breastmilk bank or other such milk donation system in Knoxville, Tennessee? My friend just adopted a newborn and would very much like the real stuff for her baby! Thanks!
Any other waldorf-inspired homeschoolers out there in WNC looking to meet up regularly? I have a 9 yo, 6 yo, 4 yo and 1 yo. We are in Asheville and would love to meet some other homeschoolers doing what we do. I know some other waldorf homeschoolers in these parts so if you would like to meet up for regular play, let me know!
Thank you so much everyone! I am so happy and grateful for your replies because I feel I have a pretty good idea about what I want to do. Love that SM doesn't require that much supervision (which I read somewhere). Um, yaaay!
Does Math in Focus require heavy parent involvement like SM I wonder ? Not that it would be a deal breaker, but would just like to know. It sounds like it may be a sort of condensed SM am I right?
I gotta be honest, I bought Right Start math a while back. We had such a hectic couple of years with moving a few times and we have one last move coming up, that I sometimes feel too scattered to fully delve into it. It's pretty scripted with heavy parent involvement. I'm wondering if we may be able to move a little faster with a singapore math type curriculum. Something that is a little more straightforward. And because I haven't properly I guess excecuted Right Start, I...
And does Beast Academy feel like something you'd reach for (if you had a third grader like me) for some challenging and fun problems, rather than a detailed curriculum style math program?
Okay, thanks for the clarification Amy. Do you think Math in Focus is preferred over Singapore?
Oh Kittywitty, thank you so much for your detailed response. I love mothering, seriously! Hmm, so much to think about. Thank you Tassy mama too. I am in a real fix now... I'm convinced by the both of you!  
Always good to get a speedy reply to a pressing question!! Thanks! Have you heard anything about Beast Academy? That's the other math curriculum I'm wondering about. 
Anyone tried both of these?? I was thinking about Math Mammoth, but gosh, Singaporean kids seem to do so well in math on international tests, that I'm wondering if there's something special in Singapore math.    Let me know mamas!    TIA.
New Posts  All Forums: