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yeah, that was pretty vague.
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna While philosophically, I agree 110%.... the state does not. -Angela for the record, i differentiate between spanking-in-'mainstream'-culture, and being pulled around by your hair. i'm not saying CPS is a magical unicorn warrior, but how can you know that a child is being abused and not call?
CPS can and does mandate parenting classes, and they don't always take children into care. i would hope that anyone who knew a child was being abused like that would call. and quite frankly, it just might be healthier if they DID take the kid into custody.
Quote: Originally Posted by claddaghmom ETA: after posting such a cute little suggestion, I guess I'm going to ruin my normal-ness by saying I think SIDS is a cover-up for deaths caused by ...herm...other things. what does this mean?
the solids wouldn't even be on my list, personally, but yes, i would call CPS. they are (allegedly) neglecting him medically and physically.
i'm so sorry, Calidris.
i can see the gov't not wanting people to immigrate solely because of SNs. not that i agree, but i can see that would be a concern. i don't pay for any services, as we get them either through the school or though the rehab hospital. if you wanted more than what was covered, you might have to pay, but i have never heard of anyone paying with a dx like Ds. the key is to always, always be advocating for your needs. true facts, they don't offer a whole lot, yk? you...
it does depend where you live, though. BC doesn't have very good services, and rural living would make it harder to get services. I'm in Alberta, and i've had very little problem getting what my son needs.
Quote: Originally Posted by AbbieB We are thinking about a move to Canada. Our son has Ds. I was talking to a group of Moms at a recent SN playgroup and the subject of Canada, socialized medicine and special needs came up. Several experienced, in the know about Ds issues moms said that the health care in Canada is terrible for kids with special needs. They mentioned the huge wait times for necessary surgeries or out right denial of care for kids with...
my son always like to have a heavier blanket.
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