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Glad to hear it's working out. I can't say I'm looking forward to the arrangment available at the school where I'm going in the fall. The space is the extremely cramped "mother's room" space in front of the restroom in the basement of the building. The chair is not comfy (I may well do something about that) and it's knees to elbows with a folding changing table, with no other table or counter surface. Since I refuse to clean my pump parts in a restroom, I'll be taking a...
Have you considered bringing him home and laying down to take a nap with him? Starting the rest of your day with some together down time might be the way to go.
Just before the baby was born, we replaced the twin bed in dd's room with a twin/full bunk bed. We bought a new mattress for the bottom, but are just using the twin mattress from the old bed on the top. That leaves us with a box spring sitting in our front living area. The question is what to do with it? It's in good condition, but I can't put it in the garage because of spiders, can't donate it because we're in an area where they're not taking beds because of bedbug...
Last year I used a book and companion sticker book entitled Children Just Like Me.
Sounds to me like what you need are different midwives.
Elessar is 6 weeks old today. He weighed in at 10 lb. 14 oz., up from 9 lb. 13 oz. at birth and a low of 8 lb. 7 oz. (I think...percocet brain at the time may have fuzzed my memory).   He's started smiling real smiles, sleeps a good stretch in the first part of the night on his own, and took a trial bottle late last week with no problem. I go back to work this weekend.
Well, I had a stash of preemie prefolds that were too small for DS from the get-go, but they found an alternate life...as boob diapers. I lay either a fleece blanket or a towel on the bed (which has a sheet over a waterproof mattress pad), and do one of 2 things. Either I keep my T-shirt with the 2 folded in half preemie prefolds stuffed in it (one over each nipple) on, and just pull up the lower one to feed DS, or I go shirtless and tuck a preemie prefold between the 2...
Not a mom of twins, but I did think of something you might find helpful. Do you have a sling? For things like getting to/from the car (now) or grocery shopping (later when they can sit up and take turns in a cart), having a sling they can take turns in might be very helpful. Simply putting one in the sling would free you to carry the other on your shoulder or in a football hold, leaving you with a hand free to open a door.  
Rash is on forehead up into scalpline and cheeks. A little on chin, none in neck. I tend to compulsively wipe away drool and spit up. According to Dr. Sears it's a bit early for eczema. Paying attention to his position a bit more closely and more frequent burping seem to be helping both drool and spit up issues.
I'm probably just being fussy, I know.   We have my 6 week appointment with the ND on Wednesday. I'll discuss it with her, along with his rashy face that he's started clawing at...really hoping he doesn't have eczema and it's just a combination of baby acne, not-so-great motor control of his hands, and my imagination.   I really don't like the prospect of having to go on an elimination diet. Bleh.
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