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Both my births were C-sections. With my son (recent), I had a similarly long labor,--started at 41 wks 6 days--at home, which ended with an ambulance ride after my water broke and DS's heart rate dropped dramatically. I'd been pushing for an hour. We had another trial of labor in the hospital with an epidural (as after the adrenaline rush and not sleeping much for 3 days my pain management skills had gone out the window) and oxygen to keep his heart rate up. He still...
Bumping for responses. I'm worried it might be reflux.
Anyone know ig this show is on netflix or hulu?
Yes, you can start a career that late, says the woman starting law school next fall at age 33. My mom found herself divorced and having to start a new career around your age, though she hadn't been out of the workforce as long as you perhaps have. You probably have more skills than you realize. I suggest sitting down with a career counselor and analyzing what you can do (whether you've had formal training in it or not) and how to put it on a resume. Also look at careers...
As far as your son and a sitter, going out to someplace fun and being left at home in the evening when tired are two quite different scenarios, so its worth a try. Would your mom possibly be willing to come to your place for a weekend once a month?
Two suggestions for things that can't wait and baby in sling make problematic:   1. what you're doing is fine, you're not ignoring her or abusing the baby containment devices. When you can, see if putting her where she's safe but can see you working helps. You can then also talk to her about what you're doing and why she can't help. high chairs and such move easily.   2. Do you have a carrier that puts her securely on your back? An ABC, wrap, or soft-structured...
Is he eating solids much yet? If so, letting him experiment with a cup/sippy of water would be a good place to start. If you have to be away from him, or you're just ready to introduce a different milk, goat's milk is a good choice as long as he's still getting most of his milk from you. It's a bit more digestible than cow's, and is a natural rather than synthesized food like soymilk.
My 1 mo. suddenly seems to be in drool overdrive, especially when he shoves his fist up under his chin or tucks his chin toward his chest.   He's also started gagging on saliva when laying down on his side or back, and it makes him cough.   This is in addition to spitting up, which DD almost never did, but he does several times a day, especially in the morning when he's been lying on his side all night.   What's up with this?
Some babies are on their own curve. I'd look at the WHO chart for comparison, then as long as he's growing, not worry. Offering solids after nursing should help keep it from impacting supply or your son's caloric intake.
DH is a full time student and works p/t; i work 32 hrs/wk. We do a lot of juggling. I'm going to start law school in the fall. half dh's classes are online, and i'll hopefully go tu/th as that's when i have childcare lined up for ds; DD will attend an enrichment program tu/th as well.
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