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My family just recently moved to Elk City in Southwestern Oklahoma. I am hoping to find a local doctor that is AP/Natural friendly. Anywhere nearby - Clinton, Weatherford, Sayre, etc... I am also hoping to find local families, and potentially a babysitter on the occasional Saturday night. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by AmeliasMum Welcome! I UC'ed my first baby, our DD. I had a Midwife that we saw 3x during the pg, but she was too intoxicated to show up, so DH and I got the UC we wanted. I am currently 22wks with baby #2, a little boy, and we are doing our own Prenatal care, ordering any u/s's and bloodwork through my Chiro. My birthing supplies showed up last week, so now we just wait, LOL. You can order u/s and bloodwork...
There are some sites where you can buy prepackaged home birth kits that have everything you need. It helps with the worrying that you don't have anything. I like Cascade, they have everything you could want. But there are a lot of other sites too. Just google search home birth kits.
I thought I'd pop a mini-intro in the UC section since it seems like I'll be hanging out here a lot now. I'm about 19 weeks with #3, and planning a UC. My second son was a planned UC that ended up at the hospital. No real complications, my partner freaked when I was in transition and took me to the hospital. I'm pretty pliable in labor, it wasn't until I was pushing and already at the hospital that I was rational enough to be pissed about it. We had planned a...
I'm in northern Oklahoma and trying to find a home birth midwife that's close enough to come and takes the state insurance. I know that the state insurance pays for midwives here as my old midwife took it and no one ever batted an eye about it, but unfortunately she is an hour away and doesn't do home births. I did that drive once already in labor, I'm not thrilled about doing it again. My DH just recently lost his job so I'm stuck on the state insurance for now and...
Third baby, hopefully homebirth. Our first was in a freestanding birth center, the second was a planned homebirth that ended up in the hospital. This time I'm hoping to be able to stay home.
Oh no, I'm so sorry.
Ugh, I hate the metalic taste. It comes and goes with me, but always seems to ruin it when I do get the chance to eat.
I took Bradley classes with my first and loved them! There isn't anyone close enough teaching them anymore, but I've still got my books and guides that were handed out. I'm like Meekola now, still too much M/S to worry about what I'm eating. I'm just glad whenever I do get food down.
We're still nursing here, but my nerves are on edge. Between the twaddling and the soreness, it's like nails on a chalkboard. I know he's no where ready to wean yet, but I've had to cut out some nursing sessions for myown sanity. Hopefully it will pass as the pregnancy goes on.
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