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I just wanted to say that here in MI, even if the father signs off parental rights, he is STILL responsible for child support UNTIL the child is adopted, IF the mother decides to have the child adopted by another man. DD2's dad decided that he was gonna give up his rights so he could go back to his ex-wife, and forget about OUR baby, until he found this out. He is still not around, just technically still her father.
Thanks guys. We don't live together, but we work at the same place. and I don't qualify for any assistance, even WIC. I've already tried. they I say make too much. But if I was on anything, they would def get us in to court alot quicker, so they could get their money from him, but since I'm not we are last priority.
dd2's dad still hasn't seen her, its been since the begining of Feb. Still won't help, he finally stopped harassing me (about us, not the baby of course) only because he shut my phone off w/o any notice. Actually he didn't shut it off, he transfered my number to his old phone, so now him and his gf take my calls (how lovely). i can't take this, I am so behind on bills, my bank account is sitting at NEGATIVE $545, and I don't get paid til friday. Its been like this for 7...
What an a$$!!! HUGS mama, so since he is the one who changed daycares, which that alone seems like something he should not be able to do, but i would make him pay for all of it. He picked the the place, he can pay for it. i would have called the cops. Thats crazy..HE is crazy!!:
I have the mirena iud, I have had it for almost 5 months now. I don't even feel like I'm using birth control, I haven't had any real side effects ya know. I really like it. Depo was HORRIBLE for me, and dd1 was concieved on just the pill, the patch HURT taking off (even after using baby oil to take off). And the ring, i would just be too scared of it shifting just enough for me to get pg. Def decide what is right for you. Good luck.
I think they would just for the mere fact that you cannot get a hold of him, and do not know of his whereabouts, no way to reach him in the event of an accident or anything you would need his consent on. But that is just my 2 cents. Good luck, I hope they grant it for you.
Today he is saying he won't give up his rights cause he wants to make my life hell, and that would make it too easy on me. :
DD2's dad decided that he "hated me that much" and has decided he wants nothing to do with her. So he said he was going to terminate his rights. Well HE thought he'd get away scot free..HA HA!! He would STILL have to pay support til she is legally adopted by another man. What a freakin tool!! And then he said to me, to agree to not go after support if he terminated his rights, or he would "stick in the picture and mess my life up". I called my lawyer and told him what was...
Well this was my first week of school AND my first week back to work also, both full time. And I am scheduled to work this weekend too, so no break from work at all, although I get the lovely double time for Sunday!! It was rough. I miss the girls horribly, and I honestly have NO time to study. I get out of school at 1pm, head home to eat and change my clothes, and have to be to work by 3pm. Then I'm there til 11pm, and come straight home, get things ready for the next...
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