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Thanks all. I found out the meeting for this month coincides with the time I need to pick my 4 year old up from nursery school so.... it's a no go. I'm going to check back next month and hope it's not always the same day of the week and/or time. Now I really want to go!
: yup. I don't know how I did without one with my first. My 8 mo. old DS will sit in the back carry for HOURS. His new favorite thing is if I tilt my head back and tickle him with my hair- he just giggles and kicks his feet.
"That's an odd looking sling - looks like she's trying to strangle herself with a hobo bag... " : "I'd return it and get what you really want " :
I've been thinking of going to my local Le Leche league meeting. I would have to bring my kids (age 4 years and 8 months) I was just wondering... How many older, that is non-baby, kids are usually at yours? What do your kids do while they're there? (I'm wondering if my 4 year old will be bored or bothering me every two minutes.)
Your post interested me because it's so similar to my own life. I ALSO took a while to bond with my first (post-partum depression being the primary factor I think) whereas I bonded instantly and strongly with my DS. Also I *did* pull my DD out of a daycare she loved shortly BEFORE I had DS. The reason was an offer of a very part time job (during hours DH is home). Strangely- DS who's now 8 mo. turned out to be a super clingy attached baby that I can't imagine leaving...
Thank you all for your input! I really appreciate having this group of experienced and intelligent women to come to when I have a question.
He nurses.... I'd say still every two-three hours during the day-- and non-stop all night long it seems like (I just learned from the thread Happymom directed me to that this is called reverse cycling?) He's never really fully accepted the bottle and will often drink just half of one while I'm gone. Sometimes he won't take one at all and just waits for me to get home. This is partially why it's so easy for me to keep a sufficient supply of EBM for him! I actually worry...
My daughter's preschool will have recess in the gym- but with bikes and balls and hula hoops etc. Can't they do something like that? Or if they don't have the equiptment- play games like duck duck goose or Red Light/Green Light? They could even just play music and have dancing time or something. I don't think you're being unreasonable at all.
What does everyone think of this... I work 2-3 days a week 4-6 hours at a time. I've been pumping at work but it's not an ideal place for it. I can pump at home and have plenty of EBM for DS (7 months old) when I'm gone AND I can go the 6 hours without nursing/pumping without discomfort. I'm just wondering if I don't pump at work- will it effect my supply?
Super baby! That image just cracked me up. I have a Beco as well. DS (7 months) loves when I slip my hands back in there to make sure his bum is centered- must tickle or something, he cracks up. I hope OP gets in- I have to say, carrying him in the back carry saved my sanity! I couldn't get anything done around the house until I got the Beco and started the back carry.
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