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: Just bumping you up. I've had depression issues since I was 11 years old. Tried therapy, St. John's Wort, 5-HTP, celexa etc... nothing has ever worked for me except for Zoloft. I just went on it for the second time a month or so ago. My Dr. more or less said he didn't see me ever going off of antidepressants, because of my long history. I also worry about the long term effects, although he said there was no reason too I feel almost like I have no choice though as...
Anyone else VERY sleepy on Zoloft? I sleep very deeply at night- like being in a coma. And then I'm tired all day too. It's the only thing that has worked for me though so I don't want to stop taking it. I'm wondering if splitting the dose to half in the morning and half before bed may help? (I'm taking the whole dose-50mg- before bed right now. Anyone?
What if you're thinking you may want to adopt but don't know if American or International... is there a starting place? A great book? A great website with information? I want to know about the process, about costs... If you're at the barebones beginning of the idea and just want to research?
WOW. A lot of good ideas here... my favorites are ANYTHING with pesto. yum. and ANYTHING with avocado. When I was pregnant I loved tomato and mayonnaise sandwich (or vegannaise sometimes)
just sending supportive vibes your way. Unfortunatly my DH is a rock and probably never had a bad habit in his life BUT-- I kicked nicotine a little over six months ago- your DH rocks for doing this- just know that it WILL get easier for him (and by extension- for you)
If I can recommend a book? Sober For Good by Anne Fletcher. It features people who stopped drinking using all kinds of different methods. It was news to me that there WAS an option other than AA. It was a very inspiring book. "alcoholic" is just a label. You need to decide for yourself if your drinking is a problem, look at how it is affecting your life, how you feel about it etc. Just because someone says you are not an alcoholic doesn't mean you can't choose to...
can I cut some tempeh straight from the package, throw it in prepared soup and microwave it to heat? Does the tempeh need to be cooked seperatly first?
Oh honey, don't pressure yourself to "snap out of it". There can be so many causes. Sometimes you CAN'T will yourself out of it. I agree with many of the other posts that encourage you to take care of yourself- sleep, nutrition, exercise. I also found a lot of luck with various vitamins and supplements. I don't want to sway your own decisions but I would encourage you to research. Call your trusted Dr., therapist etc. Go gentle on yourself. I believe nothing is harder...
I'm confused. You said he's 14. He's underage.... I'm not clear on what "unschooled" means, but a kid under 16 needs some schooling-legally- even if it's homeschooling right? If you really want him home-- the parents need to send him home, he's a minor. It's still you're call. I know the main thing here is respecting your child's individuality etc. but- really. A fourteen year old? You could call the police.
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