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Thanks to everyone who PMed me and reached out. I saw Dr. Hayes today and he was great, but the whole thing is moot because I found out I'm losing the baby.
Yeah, neither New Dawn nor MAHEC will attend a HBAC. New Dawn will do VBAC, but only in hospital, which isn't an accpetable scenario for us given a normal pregnancy and labor. I'm looking into Dr. Hayes as an option... but as my last three midwives have all been female, it feels weird to be considering a guy! Who isn't my dh! All in my business! LOL.
Just found out we're due again, and am curious about the state of HB in NC in general, and options in Asheville specifically. I am VBAC and strongly prefer HB over hospital or birth center, as HB is how my last three children arrived into the world. Am open to any suggestions either in thread or PM!! TIA, mamas!
Quote: Originally Posted by lasciate Gesundheit. Basically, it's German for 'good health'. I never heard anyone say 'bless you' after a sneeze until I was in my teens. I say "salud" which is Spanish for health, or I say "bleh-shoe" which is what I thought people were saying when they blessed me when I was little.
Well shoot. Now I can't even remember who all was in the tribe before. Anyone up for a roll call? No need to comment at length, just say "here."
My dh and I tag team too. We have been doing it since I went back to work almost two years ago, when our youngest was 4 months. He works dayshift, 5-6 days a week from 6AM until 4PM and I work nights 4-5 shifts from 3PM to 10PM, sometimes more. My 15 year old son takes up the slack in the middle left from our shift overlap. He watches his three younger siblings after school 4 days a week until my dh gets home. It is hard. I won't lie about that. Sunday is our family day,...
I have had three homebirth VBACS! It is totally doable, just so you know. For me the key was a supportive partner who had been involved in two previous homebirths, a fantastic midwife team, and a strong belief that the HB was right for me and I could do it. Really, that I had to do it, but that was about feeling like I needed to be in charge of my own birth so my issue, not anyone else's. All three of my VBACs were different, but all three were infinitely better an...
New Posts  All Forums: