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This commercial is hilarious. I had to rewind it the first time I saw it on tv.
AVG Safe Search Better GReader (enhances Google Reader though I've used it for so long now that I don't remember what it changes) Boost for Facebook (enhances FB) Fireshot (lets you take a picture of a webpage and save it as a PDF. Great for things like tutorials and patterns that you don't want to have to copy/paste into Word.) Fotofox (drag and drop pics from the web to upload to Flikr or something like it) GoogleTube (adds a YouTube player to Google's search...
Quote: Originally Posted by sbrinton Having been on the giving side of a few situations like this, I genuinely love to help people. My husband and I have often chosen to give annonymously, either through our church or by literally sneaking around at night to drop off much needed clothes or food on a friend's porch. We've always been concerned that the giving would change our relationship. The rental market is really difficult right now for landlords...
The repetition really reminds me of 7th Heaven. It also reminds me of why I stopped watching 7th Heaven. And how 7th Heaven got so redundant. 7th Heaven grated on my nerves. 7th Heaven kept repeating itself... That's what I heard for the entire last episode. I dvr it which means that I can watch it in peace after the children sleep yet I decided to play on my computer while watching the show. Half-listening means I only had to hear things once. I'm hoping the quality of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Belle (Maybe, I don't remember what Ben was doing. I'm sure his eyes were bugging out) As for no more bunny ears, I don't have cable on every tv I own. So I have a converter box but I still have to hook an antenna up to the converter box in order to get basic stations. And yes, you can buy them at Wal-Mart. Probably Target/Radio Shack/Fry's etc. as well. I don't know if they've gone down in price but when I bought...
I really hated Juliette until the last episode. That one episode erased all my bad feelings towards the character. Or... I realized she was going to die and I felt I could be generous and like her. I hope that she stays dead so I can continue liking her, but I'm betting she won't.
I brought all my kids (6 year old, 5 year old, and 1 year old) to see this movie. At parts I was a little on my guard, thinking that the kids were going to be scared. But they were cool through the whole thing. The baby fell asleep at one point but she was completely cool the whole time. I loved the movie myself. It was exactly what I expect a Disney movie to be.
Those are so adorable! Great work.
I made a few pieces of felt food for my kids and a puppet for each of my boys. The food went over great (they are asking for more which is always great ). They loved the puppets too. My only issue is that upon unwrapping of the black cat puppet that I made for ds2, he exclaimed "Batman!" I decided not to tell him that it was supposed to be a cat. Instead I let him think that my skills are so fabulous that I can just whip up a Batman puppet at any moment.
It is great that you have extended family who can speak Spanish to your baby. In your position I'd also learn Spanish myself. Your child will pick up the language faster than you do unless you have a lot of time for study. However, you can learn the rules and grammar to help your child improve. Try a free language study service or get Pimsleur or something like it from your library.
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