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Thanks. Yeah, I'm hoping that they'll get used to it soon.
The other day my kids were at my mom's while I worked. When I got home she told me this story. My oldest was running around and she told him to stop because they have people who live underneath them. Oldest: "Is there a man there?" Grandma: "No. Just a lady and her kids." Oldest: "Where did all the daddies go?" My husband and I have been separated for about 3 weeks. My oldest is actually handling it the best of the three.
I'm recently separated from my husband. The first few days were really, really hard. I work full time, go to school (online at least, thank goodness for that) full time, have the kids all the time. A few days into it, I had a panic attack. I didn't sleep for four days. The end point was throwing up at work multiple times, and having a panic attack in between. My friend takes xanax for anxiety issue. I'm not into pharmaceuticals when there are herbal/homeopathic options. So...
I had back labor with my older two. My labor with my youngest hardly had any back labor at all. I drank a ton of RRL tea while pregnant with my youngest (I didn't drink any with either of my boys) but I can't point to anything else I did differently. I may have done more yoga but I'm not sure on that.
Quote: Originally Posted by meandk0610 i'm behind, but since my husband is out of town for the next 2.5 weeks, i'm going to go through the linen closet and try to paint 3 of the 4 upstairs bedrooms as well as both upstairs bathrooms - uncluttering along the way. oh, yeah, and start therapy for panic attacks. I don't know if you're serious on this, but if you are, have you looked into kava kava? I started having panic attacks after some trauma...
Bleach or vinegar in the washing machine, along with whatever you use to wash your laundry. I find it works better with a towel thrown in for friction.
Try doing it over the period of a few weeks. I find that on the first go round, I get rid of obvious stuff that I don't need. Each time after that, I get rid of more and more. It gets easier each time. Probably because if I were to get rid of all of it at the same time, I would see that whole pile of stuff and feel like I'm giving up too much. But when I do it and then come back, it is just a little of the stuff that I have each time.
Well, I'm late (as always). I thought it started 9/30 (haven't been on mdc in awhile and didn't go to the HGP site as I thought I knew the date ). Today was planned to be a huge decluttering day to prepare for the HGP so I'm just going to jump in and see if I can catch up or at least get a couple weeks in. Quote: Originally Posted by OkiMom I really really need to do this!! We have so much coming up in the next two months: 3 birthdays (DH's, mine,...
I use a Libman mop. It works great.
I like the kid stuff with skulls on it. Of course, I like stuff for myself with skulls on it so that is just a reflection of my taste. The kids would love to wear clothing with cartoon characters but I don't like the look. I can understand wanting to wear patterned clothing as opposed to always the plain look (what I went with for years with the boys as it seemed the only option to logo or cartoon clothing) so I buy stuff with dinosaurs, skulls, etc. when I can.
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