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I don't know about the other phones but I wouldn't get an iPhone. Not with kids. The "insurance" plan only covers "acts of G-d" which means in case of a flood (as in, caused by rain, tsunami, etc. NOT pipes bursting) or an earthquake, you're covered. If your two year old throws the phone in the toilet, you're not. There is no way to get an insurance plan that covers accidental damage to the phone NOT caused by "acts of G-d". From someone who has had four phones in just...
I'm not in your ddc (saw this in new posts) but this is hilarious and I just had to throw my in here.
We celebrate Christmas but don't do Santa. This caused problems in the beginning with my ILs. Of course, that was back when I cared what they thought of me but wasn't willing to change on this. As for other kids, I think it is ridiculous for other moms to protest your child knowing that Santa isn't real. What do they do about people of other religions than Christian? What about people who don't believe in religion at all? I remember when I found out that Santa wasn't...
Also, try going to Barnes and Noble's website and putting in "babywearing" or "nursing" or whatever you're looking for in the children's books section. That's how I find a lot of great books.
A google search turned up this link: Whole Family blog post That includes "Welcome with Love" which I loved to read to my kids when I was pregnant. Also "A Ride on Mother's Back" has been read multiple times around here.
Quote: Originally Posted by magstphil i like this a lot. :d
Our library gives us a 250 book limit per card. I love it! The library that we go to is great and all the employees are really nice to the kids, even though they get a little too loud at times. I only have a card for me because my boys are too young to keep track of their due dates. Once they are more comfortable using a calendar, I'll let them each get a card. Right now I'm in the process of ordering books to last us a couple weeks. Until just a little bit before...
That is so cool! I love wooden dollhouses. :
Peter Pan or some type of elf is what I'd do for one of my boys. If one of them wanted to dress in wings and such, I'd make it happen. But boys can be mean to each other and I wouldn't dress my boys up in what is generally seen as a "girl" costume without them really wanting to. Same as I wouldn't dress them as a princess or anything else involving a skirt in a culture that doesn't accept men or boys wearing skirts/dresses.
Quote: Originally Posted by CrunchyDoula http://www.threesisterstoys.com/p-10...es-angels.aspx I am looking to make this doll house. I love the curves! The one you are looking at seems pretty simple to me. It is just a series of boards that are cut and routered and then screwed together and capped off then sealed. I mean of course it will take time, but it is fairly simple. A card board mock up is a great start!! I love that house!!!
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