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Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan I know this thread is old but I thought people might be interested in: This link which is a translated version of a page with a kit for making the fruit from the Japanese site posted earlier. The kit pictures show the pieces of the fruit, you see. and instructions for the blocks Thanks for the link to the translated page! Quote: Originally Posted by Rebeccasmama American Felt...
I've never understood why YA didn't include more books from the male point of view myself. First of all, boys read. You'd think that if anyone realized that, it would be authors and publishers. Second, girls would like to read YA material from a boy's point of view as well. I know that as a teenager I would have liked to read YA that featured a boy. Mainly because I was boy crazy and would have liked to swoon over a male character in a book, but still, my reasons for...
Well, I haven't kept up very well. So as a quick catch up... I made a goal to read 75 books this year. I am way behind. The books I've read since I last posted: 5. Crewel Lye by Piers Anthony 6. The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling 7. Advance Your Swagger by Fonzworth Bentley 8. Golem in the Gears by Piers Anthony 9. Momzillas by Jill Kargman 10. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte 11. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer 12. The Fabulous Girl's Guide to Grace Under...
I love this! A black Disney princess is great. : Especially now that I have a daughter. I'm super excited about getting this on dvd. When I was a little girl being a princess was one among many of the roles I "pretended" (as I put it back then ). I also loved to do many other things. One time a few of my friends and I put together a carnival for the neighborhood, complete with magic acts. The activity before we came up with the idea? Playing with her stuffed dog that...
I don't like that Grace is learning so young to just put up with unfaithfulness. This is the second time that Jack has cheated on her because he didn't get what he wanted. She should break up with him and be completely done. He is scum.
It was always the plan to homeschool our kids. But with the current economy I can't stay home. I have to work full-time and will hopefully start college classes soon (if we can find the money). So our kids will be going to school. Not what I wanted, not what I planned for. It makes me sad. But the future is unknown and maybe sometime in the future I can homeschool them. At least, that's what I tell myself.
I get readers from the library and used bookstore. The youngest level of readers is probably right on target with the next level up from Bob books (ds didn't like them so I'm just commenting based on what I've skimmed through). There are many different levels of readers and your librarian should be able to help you out. You can also check out Scholastic's reading level guide to find more books on your own.
I've made a goal that most of my kids' Christmas gifts will be handmade. I'm in the midst of buying patterns and supplies for stuff to make. I'm also crocheting a blanket for my middle son which is my first Christmas gift. Only a few people, outside of my kids, are getting handmade gifts but still enough that I need to start now to have a hope of finishing.
In addition to motion sensor lights, I'd get a dog. Or two. It is amazing how many teenagers are afraid of dogs. Having one or two in the yard are great protection from not only pranks but actual burglars and such.
I hope it isn't Adrian's dad. He's sexy and half the reason I watch the show. (The other half being the counselor...)
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