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I like it. I love the little dance they do at the beginning. But most of all, my boys like it. Would I watch it if I didn't have kids? No. But I remember when I was a kid and my parents would turn off a show I really liked because it annoyed them. I have a lot of shows that I decline to let them watch but this doesn't have anything wrong with it in my opinion. That is, other than being kid entertainment but it can't help that.
I love being called Mama. There is a whole sense of person that I have behind that. The type of parent I want to be is, in a sense, connected to the name "Mama" to me. I'll be sad if my boys end up calling me something else as they get older. Of course, we're in the South so it is socially acceptable for an 80 year old to call his mom "Mama" so I might be able to be Mama forever which would make me super happy.
Quote: Originally Posted by momasana Okay, not a funny story but some perspective... I don't have IL's. My DH's parents both passed away when he was young. I'd give anything for my son to know his other set of grandparents. Give your IL's a great big hug and know that you are blessed to have them as a part of your life, even if they drive you nuts sometimes. My dh's mom passed away when he was a kid and his dad abandoned him. I still...
I love one of my SILs (SIL2) to death. The other (SIL1) I can live without. However, SIL2 and I are very different people so that has made for some funny (not at the time but in retrospect) stories. Long story short, I went into labor on my original due date which happened to be the day that SIL2 had planned my baby shower for their side of the family. She and her family came over anyway. I was in the second stage of labor where the contractions came every few minutes...
I'd be interested as well.
In this case it is area codes. Basically they're reppin their neighborhoods.
Hadn't heard that but I like it!
That's cool. I've gone back and forth over starting a separate account for the books that my kids read but have yet to do it. Is it easy for you to keep up with both accounts?
I have a Facebook and a Myspace. On my Myspace I friend a lot of people. But I only post pictures of myself and try not to say anything that I would be uncomfortable with an employer knowing. My Facebook is pretty open, what you see there is me, completely. However on that I only put close friends and family. The exception is a group of mamas that I know only online but they are the reason I made a Facebook in the first place and I have no problem with them knowing my real...
LibraryThing I love this and paid for the lifetime account. However, you can add up to 200 books for free. The lifetime account was pretty cheap though. I can't remember how much I paid but I believe it was under $20. Shelfari is prettier. It is also completely free. I use both LibraryThing and Shelfari. I also use Goodreads though not to the same extent as the other two. I love to read and I love to find new books. : My "to read" list on Shelfari is huge thanks to the...
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