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All gone! Thanks, Erica
2 tubs of Earth Balance Spread (organic) many pounds of extra firm tofu (organic) assorted vegan cheeses Non-Vegan Tzatziki sauce Yogurt plain low-fat
I have a box full of sealed & stored properly stuff, left over from catering an even, things like 9 boxes of tofu, tofurky, vegan cheeses, lowfat yogurt, tubs of earth balance spread, tzatziki sauce. The food bank doesn't want it & all the freecyclers say they can come & get it tomorrow. I just picked up 2 gallons of raw milk & now I can't store this any longer! I just packed it in a box please come & get it!
I just got a great cut & I'm back on the curlyirl wagon!!!
Well I got back into blowing my hair out for a long while : I really like a change every once in a while, so I tried it curly last week but I had shampooed & conditioned it. It came out ok my curls weren't defined & there was lots of frizz. Then 2 days later I did the same thing & it looked much better. I've gotten lots of compliments & I'm thinking about going no poo again & hopping back on the curly bus!
KatWrangler~ That is one of my very favorites, it is usually my Birthday cake!!! The recipe that I have was from my Mom form the 70's it is a recipe card printed by Bacardi, the only thing is in the glaze my recipe says 1/4 lb of butter, one whole stick.
We use our cookie cutters when playing with homemade playdough all the time! FUN!!!
You may have to adjust your ocm with a higher ratio of olive oil to castor oil for the cooler months.
I order from frontier, Nutiva is the brand that I love, it was 19.99 for 54 oz the last time I ordered (it is organic & extra virgin). Check the coop boards.
Quote: Originally Posted by grahamsmom98 Or, to the vet.................. Please don't put out mothballs!! Those things are highly toxic and could cause serious health problems for anything (or, anybody) that comes in contact with them! The fumes are highly toxic as are the balls themselves. Stay away from these! Yeah, I really hate the smell, which is why I was leaning toward the vinegar. I figured that they must be pretty toxic. I...
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