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We had a puberty talk in 5th grade. Where the boys & girls were seperate. The discussion was only aobut puberty, not sex! Then in 6th grade, in health class we learned about sex & how a baby is made & develops & birth. We learned about the sex organs & we watched "The Miracle of Life". Then in 8th grade we learned more about safe sex & STDs, HIV & abstinance. Senior year in high school we had to do projects, me & my girlfriend did it on birth control. Planned...
We a teenaged girl $10/hour to babysit. I don't expect her to clean or do the dishes. When we get home the dishes are usually in the sink or on the counter near the sink & toys are pretty picked up but not entirly. I'm fine with that. She is there to watch the kids, if I expeca anything more than that I don't assume she will do it, withour being asked. I remember one of my regular babysitting jobs. I was asked to do dishes. I was cool with it, but did feel a little...
I have friends from the carribean that make cornmeal porriage with milk instead of water, it is sweetened & contains cinnamon. It is soo good!
I also tend to use red rooibus. I like it sweetend, with a wedge of lemon. I'm trying to do without sugar, so I will be trying it without sugar, well maybe just a touch of honey. Cristeen~ I use alot more loose tea to make mine. I'll try less, but that is alot less than what I normally use! I buy it by the pound from Frontier.
I just went through this in dd's preschool. There was a note at the beginning of the year, requesting healthy snacks. The parents rotate providing snaks & drinks. Well as the year progressed, it was cookies, brownies, hawaian punch! Things that I don't buy. So I spoke up. They appreciated the feed back. They sent a note home & posted a poster to remind the parents that unless it was a birthday, it needed to be a healtyh snack! I was glad that I Spoke up!
Find me a petition & I'll sign it!!!!
I have glass Pyrex loaf pans & pie plates. Then I have stoneware (Pampared Chef) muffin & bar pans which is what I use for cookies.
Johnny Cash all the way!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mom2fiya I haven't been "no pooing" long but found my hair was more responsive when I bought a water softener shower head attachment. I also use generic store brand ACV. More info about the water softening shower head, please! Link?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bekka Oh, good, I'm not the only one! However I waited too long, and the tendrils were grabbing onto the tall grass outside my planter! I had to break a few tendrils and I'm training them to go up now. I think the'll work OK, though. Did you know cages come in diff. heights? I had no idea, and I bought 2, and one was 5 feet and one was 3 1/2. Unfortunately, I'd already wrapped the ambitious growing peas around the shorter...
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