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Patiently waiting
Thanks crunchy_mama! I'm glad it isn't garbage! I'm willing to give it a try!
I'm so happy that there is a place for Mommas who are in need this season! Thanks NYCVeg for telling me about this thread!
Quote: Originally Posted by worldwidewashables I'm making bath salts and sugar scrubs this year for most of my family....we are super broke this year! lol... Do you have a recipe for the sugar scrub?
Come, on I know someone must know what I can do with the curds & whey that I made
Ok so I made my yogurt today that I've done a few times before, however all of the jars wouldn't fit in my cooler. So I set one jar in a warm oven with the light on. I periodically would turn on the oven for like 30 secs , because with just the light alone it felt pretty cool. Well, you know what's coming. I left it on walked away, folded laundry, put some away, blah blah blah! When I came back downstairs & realized that I COOKED my yogurt, I took it out shut off the...
I just thought of another idea! A candy wreath, when I was a kid a neighbor would make us one every christmas, she used Brach's "Milkmaid" Candies, and attached a pair of scissors. You could use any candy that is wrapped, or a combo. I just looked up how to do this & it's simple. The most frugal way is to use a wire clothes hanger. You have to cut it in half, with wire cutters, & bend it into a circle, you can make a loop to hang but optional. You could use a store...
Please consider a rescue group. They are very knowlegable about the breed, and the dogs are often fostered in a loving home so you can learn lots about the personality from the foster family. The adoption fee is far less than purchasing from a breeder, and it usually covers fixing the dog, shots, and your saving a life! Just google a breed that your interested in and rescue group, & you could see if there are any groups in your area. Maybe talk to a couple groups even...
I understand the fellings that killing animals provoke. However, I have learned that hunting is much more respectable than purchasing from a grocery store which in turn suppots slauter houses. It took me a while to really understand it, but now that I do I respect responsible hunters. I know she showed the video of slaughter houses, but I was surprisd that she didn't tell the family that although it was still painful for her (killing animals), that it was better than...
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