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I keep checking this thread for new ideas! Keep em coming! Anyone have the "Kid Concoctions" Book? It has tons of recipes & ideas to make sidewalk chalk, gak, pudidng paint, & lots more. I've seen them on CPTV demonstrating recipes. But I've never copied anything down.
So what happened?????
Like pp said I do pretty much the same thing. To get most out of a chicken. I'd first roast it, I have a great terracotta roaster. But you could use a glass pyrex baking dish. Sprinkle with salt & pepper, I like to quarter a lemon or an orange throw that into the cavity with a couple of smashed garlic cloves. It usually says on the package like 20-25 minutes a pound. Juices should run clear if you have a thermometer, than you can be sure, for chicken the temp should...
I'venever had tem that way. My favorite way is with butter, milk, sour cream, chives, salt & pepper!
Just wanted to update everyone! DD has been wearing underware to bed since Oct. We have had a couple accidents in our bed of course. But she is doing great, We ask her when she joins us in our bed if she has to go. Occasionally she does go before she comes into our bed. It's working!!!!
I have been doing research! I'm trying to compile as much info to help my DD as possiable. I'm still waiting to hear from her 1st grade teacher. I'm going to focus on asking her if her ciriculum has changed since last year. And try to get a grasp of what she thinks Miranda is capable of. I'm not going to bash the new teacher. I just need to know what she pictured Miranda doing this year, & see if it t's anything close to what she's learning. Also I want to know if...
So cool! Thanks!
The first time I had the nerve to tell the doctor that I didn't have much of a libedo. She told me that that is thw #1 complaint that new moms have, & it's a miracle that anyone ever has a 2nd baby, because there's not a lot going on between the sheets. She alos told me to have my DH clean & do the laundry, etc, etc. He was already doing alot of that. So next I talked to one of my girlfriends who had a baby the same age. I told her about my problem and come to find...
Good for you! It's nice to have great friends! I think in many cases it goes beyond politness though. Many women NEED an "O" before they can really get into it. KWIM?
Well like I said I haven't done it yet but here is the idea.....collect small jars. Use clear bathroom caulk or a waterproof apoxy & attach a little figure to the inide of the lid, it must fit inside the jar when put back together. Use a snowman, or some cheap little toy or ornament. In the jar put a little bit of sparkle glitter water and glycern (optional) hepls the glitter stay afloat & not sink right away. when the caulk is dry put a thin bead around the inside of...
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