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Our thoughts are with you and your little ones!
My dd wants a bunny. So I'm trying to collect info. Any bunny people love their breed? Good with kids? We are thinking of surprising her for her birthday in 3 weeks. This bunny will live outside in a hutch, & we're in CT gets COLD. So far I talked to the 4H rabbit lady in my town she reccomends Holland Lop. But said most do great outdoors. Told me a couple to avoid. And the only other breed that she reccomended was polish. Please tell me about your bunny!
I second Nutro Natural! My dog Loves it!
I need to exersize! I used to walk all of the time, but since we moved I don't walk dd to school anymore It just feels good to be eating right again! Love the monthly thread idea!
Very interesting ladies! I haven't found any link between detergents. My DD's exema comes & goes.
I want in on this support system! This is great. I have been on & off of WW several times I know, I know it's a life style change, & when I'm on it I'm good! I loose all of my weight & keep it off. Then I get lazy & stop writing down then I stop driking water & eating fruits & veggies. Then a catch a view of my rear in the mirror & think about WW for a couple months until my weight goes up a bit more then I start again. I started yesterday I have been off since...
Phew I'll first take a deep breath, because this really gets my blood pumping. We just bought this (our first house) 2 months ago. Our second night here we had a big storm & had large branches in our yard. We discovered the tree that is right over the house is DEAD. So we start talking to tree removal companys. The first one who looked told us there was a guide wire attached to our tree. Until it gets moved no one wants to touch our tree. Okay so I've been calling...
The larger stores tend to have a bigger selection & better chances of finding what you're looking for. Haven't ventured out of town yet but it's on my to do list!
I'd try to have the VBAC! I actually did. I didn't have to drive that far though! Are you SURE that there arn't any closer? I really wanted to know my Midwifes well, so going to appts. one place & delivering in another wouldn't have worked for me. I hope you come up with a plan! Best wishes, it will come to you!
Dry this morning without using the potty during the night. I think after a few weeks or months she'll just be dry all night. For now she will wear a diaper.
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