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Hi thanks tiqa for your repliy.  I will pm you.  Just to add as my post was confusing.  Yes we do cook our food and don't eat much raw food except salad, what I meant was that my dd wants hot food at every meal and I find it really difficult to do this when we are out because she won't eat soup or stew from flasks.  She won't really eat cold chicken so we end up spending a fortune buying rotissarie chickens while we are out or we go to a restaurant and it has to be a...
HI everyone, I desperately need some really good recipes particularly breakfasts, packed lunches and snacks.  We have been on GAPS for many years but we are slowly moving on from it but we will remain grainfree for the time being.  If anyone has any good recipes to get fat into kids diet that would be great.  My dd craves carbs and i'm sure its because she dosn't eat enough fat - the problem I have is that I don't find fat very portable - she is very fussy and everything...
thanks for your repliy, guess i'll just risk it and eat it anyway as i hate to waste it!
bump, anyone?
Hi, i've been really bad about clearing out my freezer and have a stash of raw liver that i froze in 'pills' about 6months ago.  would it be ok to eat this as frozen pills still or should i just chuck it out and start again with new liver?  i hate to waste it as i feel i need to start back on eating the liver again, but i don't want to get food poisoning if its now been too long.  what do you think?
bump! anyone?
i'm really struggling with having crazy hormones all over the place and i really need to sort them out because its really affecting our family life. I gave birth to ds a year ago and i got my periods back straight away when he was 6 weeks old despite tandem feeding, and ds being exclusively breastfed etc. anyway periods are pretty much regular at around 29 days, but i also get extremely painful ovulation pain. the worst thing is the extreme anger and raging that i get...
i'm interested in montessori too, but can't help as i'm still finding out myself. just curious now - what is MBTP?
hi, we used an out of date condom date expiry date october 2009 last week and i realised now that it was around the ovulation time. the condom didn't break or leak from what we could see, so i'm wondering what are the risks of it not working? i'm completely freaking out as i reallly don't want a pregnancy so soon, can't bare to wait any longer until my period arrives to know if pregnant or not. so i'm' wondering if the risks of using an out of date condom are...
blessedmum, thanks that really is helpful to have your opinion of them. i'm still not sure which one to go with because i don't quite know what my dd would prefer as she seems to need structure but it has to be the right structure or she looses it! i will contact them direct to find out more. i just don't want to get one and then regret not getting the other one!! thanks again!
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