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I was just on the lands end site, Overstocks, then "on the counter" and they have the slippers I mentioned last week for $6.00. "on the counter" works like this...On saturday, they post the super sale items, on Monday they go 25% off, on Wednesday they go 50% off, on Friday they go 75% off. So the slippers are $6.00 on Monday, of course the problem with waiting until Friday is things sell out real fast. I bought $9.00 tights for my ds for $.50 a couple of weeks...
My beautiful strait haired 2.75 yo has a mowhawk, just like his big bro. It is absolutely adorable, if you keep it short enough it's so easy, and when it gets a little longer, you can spike it with some gel and make everyones day.
All three of mine wear lands end slippers. My toddler loves his, he has them on right now, in fact... they are fleece with leather soles and come up over the ankle so they actually stay on!! They can be spendy but try their "overstocks" section and you may be able to find them on clearence. www.landsend.com
Well, finally this morning (Monday, Nov 8), they printed 3 response letters. All pro BFing, I'm glad to say. It took long enough I had given up hope... Here's the link www.oregonlive.com/backfence/oregonian/ J&G's mom
Yeah, that's lame. Thanks for letting me know.
Does anyone know what the code in the ad of the new issue of Mothering does? It just says "mention code MTH312". Just curious.
On my old car I had HUMAN MILK FOR HUMAN BABIES and EVERY MOTHER IS A WORKING MOTHER then when we sold it I went to get the human milk one again and they didn't sell it anymore! That is my all time favorite. My husband has I'M NOT ANTI-SOCIAL, I JUST DON'T LIKE YOU and my best friend has JUST SAY NO TO SEX WITH PRO-LIFERS and there are alot of SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MIDWIFE around here too. love this thread.
I sent them an email after reading that on Wednesday too. The funny part is that I just assumed that letter was written by a man. And when my husband came home and I made him read my reply he said he thought the letter was from a woman. Oh well. I hope they print some replies to it....I'm so sick of that "as long as it's discreet" comment. I know it is difficult people, but if you are so offended, quit staring! J&G's mom
Madison, I met you for coffee in Portland with Kelts like a good 3 years ago. First off, congrats on your baby boy, I was so happy to hear that you are now a mama. I don't get much time with 3 kids to post or even read much anymore but every once in awhile I find something I need to reply to. My oldest son was born with hypospadias in 1996. His opening is still near the tip of his penis, just slightly on the underside. We were not going to have him circumsized anyway...
kimmysue2, How did you get rid of the ants? We have them so bad in our neighborhood, and they are always on the kitchen counters, in the cubbards, getting into the cat food, etc. no matter how clean and sealed up everything is. I really don't want to spray because I figure the poison is more harmful to the kids than the ants but I just can't stand it anymore! I've been using the syrupy poison and now a powder and I think it has helped but I think we just have so many...
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