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we homeschool!!! We live in East Dayton, but I know there are lots in the area. Notifying is fairly straightforward. Email me if you need help. Stacey
I had to share, I've had heartburn each of my previous 4 pregnancies, and it was awful. It started up this time and I tried RAW sauerkraut. Weird, I know, but it totally works! I haven't had ANY since I started eating it about twice per week. When I ate it with heartburn I could feel it working and it has stayed away since. I had to give up my morning coffee last time, but this time I can still have it (not a lot, just a little). I am SOLD on it, I am thinking of...
check into the voucher program, you can get up to $5,000 and send them to almost any private school in the area. Your child has to be a new kindy student or already enrolled in DPS. It was called the Ohio Ed Choice Scholarship when I used it a few years ago. Check out the Ohio Education Department website. Good luck.
yes, they are different, and they both get good reviews. I heard the guy who wrote KONOS speak, and agreed with his philosophy. I had been leaning toward HOD, but now I think I'm just confused. If I did KONOS I would probably opt for the on-line co-op for help getting it done. Does anyone know if HOD is hands on at all?
http://www.apologiaonline.com/conf/hs_sol.pdf I heard him talk, and he has some pretty wonderful answers to this question!
Any experience with these? Thanks, ladies!
http://www.lllohio.org/conference.html You can just show up and register there. Hope to see you there!
Dr. Julie Myers in Centerville is ok, she has no problem with non-vaxing parents, but did try to talk us into circing... Dr. Eberhart at Cornerstone in Springboro is good, but his office seems very pro-vaccination. I guess it depends if you're ready to stick to your guns, as with anyone. No problems with circing, very pro-breastfeeding.
Thanks for asking about our event, it went very well. The turnout far exceeded our expectations, especially considering the horrible weather. I would guess we had at least 150 including children. It was so nice to see all the like-minded mamma's in one place. Another exciting part was when the Mayor read the proclamation that declared May 9 La Leche League Day. He said quite a bit about how breastfeeding is the best for moms and babies, how it needs to be supported,...
Summer is almost here and so is our… BI-ANNUAL Spring/summer SALE children’s, Junior’s and maternity items March 15th, 2008 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM Tri-County Mother’s Connection (TCMC) At Victory Temple Church Check us out for shopping and selling your children, junior and maternity items PASS IT ON - PASS IT ON - PASS IT ON The cleanest, most organized, lowest priced sale of it’s kind. For future sale notifications or for more seller info · ...
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