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I have been having contractions too nothing regular, but they are slightly painful, like cramps, but just in my belly no wear else....i have 3 weeks left and i'm ready when he is LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by Bay Area Babe I guess we'll have to lean on our DHs a bit. Mine is already excited about taking our wee one our for 'man dates.' that's a great idea! we'll have to do that, too...thanks for the idea
jumping in here we're having a boy! we're so excited! we have 2 girls and this is our first boy! i'm just worried , i won't know what to do with a boy i'm so used to girls!
With summer coming i want to be able to go to the beach with my girls, but i can't find a good mat. bathing suit to save my life!!: I'd love any suggestions, some good stores or some good web sites, i just can't find anything! TIA!!!
That's great!! CONGRATS!!! My first two are girls and i'm so glad they each have a sister I'm anxiously awaiting my U/S appt!! Congrats again to you!!
WELCOME!! i'm due 8/8 with my third too
Little Belly Bean really wants red meat! and i haven't eaten red meat in over a year....more specifically a french dip sandwich with French Fries and pickles! But i will restrain myself, for now at least
thanks for the reminder i do them whenever i think about it and i squeeze-hold-release and i do as many as i can stand
thanks everyone for all the warm welcomes!!
Hello!! We're expecting our 3rd on Aug 8 and I look forward to chatting with you ladies!! Virgo Mommy
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