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I'm thinking of pursuing a masters in SLP....anyone out there doing so? anyone already a slp? I'm specifically looking for real life earning potential....full vs part time. thanks!! amie
i just wrote up a huge Trip Report at the disboards describing my adventure at WDW this December with my 4 children...ages 10, 7, 3 & 1. I hope this is legal, but here's the link: http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=1306210 the trip was fun...the same as being at home, easier than being home & harder than being home...if you can understand.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragonfly What a great plan! Just make sure you set aside a week to rest and recover when you get back. WDW was exhausting for me with just one kid. (And completely wonderful, too, of course!) March 2005 when I was still with stbx, I went to wdw with 3, pregnant with #4...he was in conference most of the day so I did it by myself...I KNOW that we'll have to take it easy...but I'm ready. I broke down & purchased...
Quote: Originally Posted by MissSavannahsMommy Yes, but you picked an awesome time to go! I went there last year with DD (actually we were in DW exactly this time last year) and it was awesome. I cannot wait to go back!!!!! I'm so jealous!!!! Have a great time! I'm really excited about going...but nervous too....this may open up a whole can of worms with stbx. oh h e double l. it'll be worth it for the kids!!
Am I crazy? I'm going to take my 4 children (all under 10....two under 3) to WDW for 4 nights....NEXT WEEK. We'll fly there....go to 3 parks & come home on the 24th....It's a surprise. Am I nuts?
Quote: I will be 39 by the time I finish the 4 yr nursing program. Not 34!! Even if you're 39....you will still have at least 20+ years to work!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by crazydiamond She spent many years doing counseling and therapy but it tends to take its toll and she got burnt out. So then she completely switched gears and is now doing management and administration in social work -- a job where she gets to still use her MSW but doesn't have to see patients. She's done everything from individual therapy, to working with delinquent juveniles, to supporting battered women and children, to...
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaChel I'm going to be hit twice because I'm looking at a law degree and a MSW. However, because I want to work on policy and family law issues I feel that this would be the best way to gain the understanding of the systems in play. mamaChel, funny, I'm looking into law also....law, lcsw & speech therapy....i did a career assessment & they all fall into my "interest".
Quote: Originally Posted by Potty Diva Also with the privatization of mental health care I would think starting pay to be a bit higher. That's what I thought...my marital therapists charges $95 private pay & around $75 for insurance...she is always full. My son takes art therapy & it's $50 for 50 minutes...non insurance!
what kind of $$ can you expect to make as an LCSW? the program where i live is super expensive...almost as much to get a law degree and much more expensive than the public med school....most people that i've talked to said that they only made around $25K just getting out (how do you pay your student loans and live on that?) but after around 3-4 year can do private practice...i've looked around and have a hard time find out salary information...any ideas?
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