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Ok, I want to take a poll....do you keep your married last name (so that you and your kids have the same name) or do you go back to your maiden name? I have 4 young children and think it might be weird for them. I asked the eldest one and she said she didn't care (10 going on 20) but the others are really young.... what do you think? amie ps. we are not divorced, just separted for about 7 months (physically....over a year emotionally).
i use gmail...please no isp based addys.....
can you contact dona and see if someone is in your area? then you could maybe barter for services. good luck.
i have a bernina 930 which is awesome....and i just got a janome 300e machine which is still in the box but i'm itching to break out!
i would return it..they should let you since it was their mistake.
craigslist is awesome....but screen the people before you let them into your house, kwim?
i saw one on ebay but it looks really easy to do with out....cut the neckline, gather the straps and open the arm hole....maybe easier said that done?
anyone know of an easy way to bake tofu? what spices?
when my son was 2...i used to send him to mother's day out with a hummus & tobouli sandwich in a pita with baby carrots.
actually, the difference is really only the cost. fairuzasball had both but now they only sell moby...and it's because of the costs. I did have a hugabub but when I got a 2nd it was a moby (Then ellaroo....)
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