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Keep the breast warm too and apply warm compresses to the area. Offer that breast first at the feeding because the baby will nurse more vigourously which will help to deplug the duct, which is needed to prevent mastitis. I also find that lying on your stomach in the bath helps alot, you could even add coarse salt to the bathwater which is anti-bacterial. Just make sure to rinse your breast before feeding. If all else fails, I highly recommend Earth Mama Angel...
I think it would work for us, my boys are star wars obsessed and this will captivate their attention.
I'm not surprise that your son is in a bad mood. Being severely constipated really hurts them. My daughter witheld so much that she actually made herself sick. Just smelling food would cause her oesophagus to contract painfully. She would not eat and just want to sit or sleep all day long. The worst thing about encopresis, is how people lack compassion and understanding when it comes to it. They just assumes it's potty-training failure and that the parent is...
I was just wondering the same thing. I was hoping to find some cute christmas presents.
Onesies fit, but they tend to get into the seams of the dipes and cause wicking. We prefer tees, or we upsize one full size when using onesies.
We went through the same thing with my ds. We were going crazy not understanding and cleaning up accident after accident. We were so frustrated. Turns out my ds he has encopresis. The accidents are not his fault, and they are not on purpose. You should see a doctor about it and get reffered to a pediatric gastroenterologist. We find good support on the constipation/pooping-woes-with-potty-learning-aged-children thread in this forum.
Newborns have such sensitive skin that almost anything leaves marks and irritation. I would try a fleece cover instead of a prorap (fleece is so much softer). I would tuck the cover well around the diaper so that only fleece touched the babes thighs, that way you wouldn't get any rubbing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Momalea Miralax or Glycolax (generic) is polyethlene glycol powder. It's dissolved in warm water then added to something to drink. It "softens the stool and increases the frequency of bowl movements by retaining water in the stool." I find for my dd it's not much of a laxative (we use mineral oil on toast/in yogurt, etc if needed) but has been more helpful in keeping the stool soft while her colon heals and so that the bm is...
I had my fourth at 27. I'm 28 right now, but I loved the fact that people assumed that I was expecting my first. And just like mami_guera, their jaws would drop when I responded "it's my fourth!". It's fun to freak people out that way I have a 7.5 yo, 5.5 yo, 3 yo and 1yo. It's great to have kids so young. When my eldest will be 20, I'll be 40!
What's the difference between miralax and lansoyl ? I've never heard of miralax. Both my ds and dd are on two doses a day of lansoyl, which is basically a jelly mineral oil.
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