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My baby has quite chunky thighs and I'm wondering which covers are best at not leaving big red marks on them. Would the bummis super brites be too tight? I'll be using fitted bamboos underneath. I've used some fuzzibunz and had no problems and I heard they were particularly suited to chunky thighs. Ds has the waist on the tightest setting and the legs on the third snap!! Anyone btdt?
It's not the end. It's not even the beginning of the end. It's the end of the beginning.
Both are responsible imo. Your dd should have made the teacher aware that her head was hurting - and the teacher should have checked with her.
It's a necessity for our family. I am glad that dh and I agree and that we make it work. We are doing it on good money now, but we've done it on far, far less.
There is always something to feel guilty about, always something or many things that are just not perfect. That is living. Of course there is a steep learning curve with parenting, everything is so new. I agree with the pp about forging a strong bond with the first because we grew this relationship together. I may not have done everything right with my first (or second, or third....) but I never knew there was love like this before I had ds1. I was totally...
Doing the best you can with what you have at the time is the hallmark of all mothering. Coulda woulda shoulda has no place here.
Thanks Mrs Mama, it's always good to hear from someone else in a similar situation that all went well. Dh has just started a new job this week so I'm not sure if he will be able to have the day off. Ds does take a 'sucky' as dd calls it so hopefully that will help. Also the hospital allows a parent to go right into the operating room and stay until the baby is unconscious so I'm not nervous about that part at least. However I am nervous in general. Ds1 and dd...
Wow!!! You ladies sure are quick off the old keyboard!! I've just had a look over the instruction sheet and I'm glad ds is not formula fed because his would have to finish by 8.30am. It clearly states breasfeeding finished by 10.30 because it is more quickly digested and clear fluids by 11. Any info about breastmilk being a clear fluid would be most gratefully received. I'm hoping he will have a sleep in the sling while we are waiting, he usually sleeps well there...
My 3 month old ds is scheduled for surgery next week to remove a granuloma. The anaesthetist has sent us out info for fasting although we will be speaking to him the day before the operation as well. The info indicates that fully bf baby can feed up until 10.30am and have clear fluids - which he calls water and clear apple juice - until 11am. We have to be at the hospital at 11.30 and apparantly he is first on the afternoon list, whatever time that is. My question is...
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