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I feel all bloated and uncomfortable at almost 7 weeks. How can a baby the size of a grain of rice cause all of this????
Mine were 270 at 14dpo and 3380 at 21 dpo. I had them checked again at 28dpo but was told they are 'looking good' whatever that is. I am having an ultrasound on Tuesday which will be at 7w2d to check how everything is going. This was an assisted conception and I am extremely nervous. I can't feel good about it until I see that little heart beating.
www.cotlife2000.com Very very interesting website with tons of great information. I actually read the book while my first was little and it makes a lot of sense to me. Now I'm not usually one for conspiracy theories, but this one I believe in.
Wow! It is standard practice for newborn babies to be "scrubbed down" while they scream moments after birth???? Wow is all I can say. Where we are, the nurses are quite hands off and the parents do it all themselves when they are good and ready. They might suggest that today could be a good day for a bath but would never push it or just go ahead and do it as a matter of routine. Here vernix is considered protective and bathing on the first day is discouraged as it...
This is pregnancy #5 hoping for baby #3. My older two are 5 and 8. we haven't told them yet due to our previous losses. Dd 5 will be totally over the moon. She has been dying for a baby in the house for a very long time. During my last m/c I was sitting on the lounge with dh. Dd came up and sat beside us and said "Wouldn't it be just the loveliest thing if we had a little baby sitting here with us?" That gave me the resolve to try again.
I've had two early miscarriages in recent months. We won't be telling anyone until much much later on. I don't think I'll believe it myself fully until I see that little heart beating on the ultrasound next week. We won't be telling anyone that we wouldn't want to un-tell, which pretty much means we'll be keeping it to ourselves until it's obvious that I am pregnant. Then we'll tell the kids which will have the effect of letting the whole world know in no time at all.
I just wanted to let you know that I had an absolutely wonderful c/s delivery after a traumatic forceps first time round. I was most concerned that I wouldn't be able to pick up my baby, change her and move around in bed, but it was NO problem whatsoever. I could lean over to her little bed and pick her up or put her back if I had to. Most of the time I kept her in with me but it meant that I didn't have to call for the nurse to pick her up because I...
For all us newly pregnant mommas, let us know what your beta levels were when and if you were having singleton, twins or more. 19 dpo 86 21 dpo 170 pg ended in m/c soon after 14 dpo 270 is this really high?
Yes, I had two ultrasounds prior to the trigger but none since. Is this something (else) I should be concerned about? It is so reassuring to know that the hcg can mess with the temps because I still have very low temps and in my mind have written off this cycle as a failure. I am 7 days past trigger now and having a blood test tomorrow to check e and p levels. Do you know what good levels would be?
Thank you both for your kind words. Yes I am having a blood test on Friday so all my levels will be checked then. It's just the waiting that's killing me.
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