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What do you think? This is my first assisted cycle and I am just going crazy. I have been charting for a while and my cycles seem to be 26 - 27 days with O about day 13. I have had 2 early miscarriages over the past 6 months so am having this cycle "tracked" and "supported". Well this cycle I seem to be taking a very long time to grow an egg. I was given a 5000 HCG trigger on Friday - day 14 - when my follicle was 20mm. I was very nervous that I was going to O...
Everyone by first names here. Teachers are the only exception as it is school policy but I always call them by their first names when I speak with them. Doctors usually introduce themselves as Dr Firstname to the children and any I see I will call by their first name. I might refer to them as Dr Firstname Lastname for clarity, but I won't call them that. I guess an elderly neighbour would be Mr/Mrs Lastname but everyone under 60 here just goes by first name.
Ok I need help. My 5 yo dd has been outgoing, sociable, gregarious and 'out there' her whole life. My instructions to her were along the lines of "Let someone else have a go." "That nice lady needs to go now, say goodbye." "Who are you talking on the phone to?" And I felt sorry for anyone who made eye contact with her while we were on public transport as she would engage them in conversation until one of us got off. Now I am saying "Speak up" "Teacher said good...
$1 per good clean well looked after tooth. When ds lost 2 teeth in one day, the TF paid him $2.50. He got a bonus for saving TF the trip out again the next night. TF also leaves a little note exclaiming what great quality the tooth is and reminders to brush every day so all of the teeth will be just as good.
My 5.5 year old takes out the recycling with big brother (8.5) clears her plate to the sink sets the table before meals or wipes it afterwards waters the outdoor plants with hose or watering can tidies bedroom with help helps with laundry - puts clothes in, washing powder in, hangs out tidies up own toys with big brother opens or closes the outside gate helps make school lunches Wow - that sounds like a lot, there is some variation in how delighted she is...
At that age I would be inclined to go with school A. All day would be way to long for my dc at 3. You don't have to send him every day... maybe 2 or 3 mornings a week would meet his need for playmates. How do the fees compare?
I thought I knew real love before I had my dc. I never new that there was such a powerful love that I would kill or die for them in an instant without a second thought,
If my ds really wanted a nintendo and I had promised him one for his birthday, then I would honour that promise. However..... I would not feel that I had to give him unlimited access to it. I would probably keep it as a weekend only toy, or when having a friend over so they can play it together (if that is what they do with it!)
Thank you both for your replies. So I should just rely on the temps? Apparantly I have o'd then. I shoulda kept dh busyier.... : I was just hanging everything on the opk since I had got clearly +ve results in previous months. Thanks, I'll keep my thermometer busy!
Hi everyone, Is it possible to ovulate even if the opks are consistantly negative? For the last 2 months, the opk has been negative each day for 5 days. Some days there is not even the faintest of lines. This month I have charted aswell and ff has indicated that I have ovulated athough the opks were all negative again - the strongest line was super faint. I have used the opks other months and had clearly positive readings. Does anyone have experience with this?
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