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Update: when I saw the endocrinologist she said the MRI was inconclusive, but one of the doctors had told me that there was some shadowing on the pituitary. I later learned that it was too early to see results of necrosis. I continued to nurse my baby boy every 1.5-3 hrs, followed by a bottle of formula and for a short while he had a little bit of donor milk from his aunt. He nursed until 13-14 months, not sure of exact day. It was a tough half year, going through PPD,...
My sister-in-law had a rupture at 37 weeks after previously having a uterine perforation. I'm not sure how many mm it was though. She had an emergency c-section. Baby survived and tested well for development around 6 months. She was told that she would be in hospital on bed rest if she ever got pregnant again.
When I had trouble getting my babies to latch, a LC suggested I express a little bit of breastmilk, then let baby have a taste and hopefully they would try to latch on. Is your son nursing from both sides? Are you taking anything to help increase your milk supply? Right now I'm using fenugreek, blessed thistle and domperidone. I have medical issues too though and am not sure if they are working to their full potential. I was also told to use the breastpump after the baby...
  I was diagnosed as having Sheehan's Syndrome, diagnosed by MRI in September. The damage to my pituitary gland was caused by blood loss during a c-section in September. I've been supplementing with formula since baby was born, he was 10 lbs 10 oz and had low blood sugar at birth.    I've been taking domperidone, fenugreek and blessed thistle (not as frequent and as many as the bottle says). After I first started back on the fenugreek I got 20 ml when I pumped one...
I'm surprised that I'm the first to reply, because I don't frequent this group that often. You have three girls too, like me. If you don't mind me asking, where did your husband go? I remember when my 3rd baby was still little, my DH was gone for a month and it was so lonely and a rough time for me. It sounds like you're doing okay though. Do you get to talk to him often, see him on the phone, or skype? 
Thanks for the replies ladies. Joyfilled, yeah, it would have been nice to have the option to go to a closer hospital that's only 35 minutes away. I avoided the closer hospital because the doctors wouldn't do a VBA2C, but the doctor that was further away would.  
His name is Crosby (middle initials C.W.).     I'm not sure if this was in the OR or recovery room.   And this is baby at 18 days old. His head doesn't look that fat anymore.    
I haven't had internet at home for a few months, only mobile...so now we do have internet and I can post the birth announcement of Crosby C. W., born September 6, 2011 at 6:15 am. He was born at 41 weeks and 3 days by c-section.
We think baby is mostly head down again. I went on elbows & knees a lot yesterday & rubbed the right side downwards a lot & talked to baby. The baby moved a lot before & after that. I cried a lot lastnight too.
Baby was head down for two weeks until last night. On Friday the OB said the baby wasn't engaged yet. I think my uterus must still be roomy.
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