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You are amazing pumping for 3 babies!  GO YOU!!!!
Any black Friday Waldorf deals?
I've always used the phrase "needed help" also.  When I was pregnant with my son  i told him that most babies are born between the mommy's legs, and she pushes them out, like when we go to the bathroom.  That I tried and tired to push him out at home, but then I decided he was a little too stuck and I needed the DR to help me, so the DR helped me get him out of my belly by making a hole.  I told him I was going to try the same with his sister-- to push her out in our...
I was just going to post that too!   Little Colorado waldorf play stands   http://www.zulily.com/invite/ralford443/e/little-colorado-092612.html?tid=social_emailref_shareviaicon_na     We already have 2 or else I'd get them!
I can see having your mother for holidays, but dis-allowing your MIL, could cause some bad feelings, no? Or am I misunderstanding?
Oh thanks! I hope they are doing well.
Is the mom of triplets still here?  Kathryn?  
I just bought this one: http://www.yourwaterbirth.com/oasis-eco-pool-c-1_39.html   shipping was expensive, but I'm excited to try it.  
Just get a couch that you find very comfortable and you'll find a way to be comfortable BFing on it!  In the beginning you use a lot of pillows generally anyway, and then you stop needing pillows fairly quickly and just rest your arm on something.  So any couch that is comfortable and supportive will work well with the right throw pillows.  I have this couch:     http://www.cb2.com/movie-steel-sofa/f6378   but in a kid friendly microsuede that I don't think they...
Right now we have a 1,100 sq ft apartment in Manhattan.  We hit the jackpot buying this place, so we will likely never move unless a 3 BD becomes available in our development.     1,100 feels massive to me-- and that includes the balcony.  2 BD, with our BD being big enough for a small sleeper couch also, and 1 BA.  I was so used to cramming into tiny NYC spaces that this just feels crazy big to me, even though there is no storage at all and our tiny closets are...
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