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We both worked FT when my son was young, but split our shifts so that 99% of the childcare was done by us.  That said, we did do occasional date nights happily, with either my in-laws watching him or my friend.  We started to use a few hours here and there of friend babysitting to supplement our split shifts within the first year, and right before he turned 1 we took our first overnight trip alone.  None of this ever affected our nursing or attachment.     Since he's...
Oh wow, I love that seat!  I am keeping that one in mind when #2 outgrows the bucket. Never thought I'd think a car seat was *sexy* ...  
One thing to factor in is that you aren't splitting the cost of a FT nanny-- it usually costs more than that. So here $15 hr is normal for a nanny of one kid, $18 may be normal for 2 siblings, but $20 for a nanny share of 2 kids. So a 45 hour week is $675 for just your kid if you're doing it alone, or $450 with a nanny share, not half of $675. Things can add up too when it comes to vacations and sick kids, depending on your contract you may be paying for the nanny alone...
I have not been able to access the general group for July 2012 on tapatalk, like someone above said only threads I posted to on my computer. Is there a solution yet? I've given up on it and only go on the splinter group on Facebook now.
That's not ok for him to see, with his history. Use a lock immediately when you are intimate, and unlock when you're finished. Yes, may kill the spontaneity, but sex with kids in the house is always tricky, with a kid with signs of sexual knowledge/abuse, it's non-negotiable. You could lose your ability to foster if he said he saw you having sex.
Re-reading, has she moved and that's why it's longer? I still wouldn't do the longer visits at this age, even if it means not seeing each other as much, if your daughter is overall not having fun. Does she want to see her? If so, limit timing a bit and structure structure structure, if not, then I'd just really slow down the visits or meet at neutral play spaces halfway.
I'm confused why she's there for a few days, I think that is way too much for little kids unless there is a family emergency or something. I would invite her over for an hour or two, max, and play with them or have a project they do together on the kitchen table, or bake cookies or cake pops all together, then send her home. This could break the cycle of the controlling play for a bit, then gradually wean off. When you are playing with them just be blunt and ward off...
I think you've covered the basics-- I'd recommend making sure you leave with some good painkillers and you TAKE them, though being careful with co-sleeping.  It's important for recovery not to push yourself to be in too much pain for fear of a little bit going to the baby in your milk.  You need rest and for your muscles to relax.  
We found a very good price on a dyson on amazon and have been so happy!
Others are from the old AOL boards here? Who?
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