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We didn't bother with underpants for MONTHS with 2 of ours.   They were both about 2.5 and we went from naked to loose shorts < t-shirt material kind> plenty easy to push down.   As soon as I put snugger undies on them they peed in them.   
4 years I just moved here in January.   We selectively vaccinate but I found a ped that  is willing to space the vaccines out like I want.  He's not overly happy but I dont care.   There is one ped in the area that will see vax free children but Im not sure of her name.  Check wit h the folks at 14Carrot organic food store they may be able to direct you .  I get my raw milk there.   Sunday & Thurs 1-5 they have 30% off all organic produce.
Not Columbia but Lexington my baby is 4
My husband introduces the boys as his sons.   My oldest 2 are by a different father but my DH feels they are his too.   My older 2 boys father made it an issue to call my ds3  HALF brother and it really pissed my older 2 off.  They said "he looks like a whole baby to me I dont see any HALF baby around here".  My youngest has no clue ( he's 4) that his brothers have a different father.  They are just brothers.
Who is ok with delayed vaccine schedule.
Lean and tuck Lean and tuck..  Potty trained 4 boys < some intact some not >   My little man is almost 4 and just started standing to pee but if he's sitting to poop I still remind him.  3 of mine hated the potty chair and inserts.  OP I was like you 2.5 we ditched all daytime diapers.
I'll be glad to answer that for you.  My boys are 20, 17, 8 & 3.    I was 41 when my youngest was born.  He's a blast.  He was my easiest pregnancy 2nd easiest delivery even through he was 10.5lbs.  My most snuggly and has personality oozing out of him.   Go with your heart.   
This is probably not the spot but wanted to share:  We fully vaccinated our first 2 sons.  Several reactions that I was assured was"normal" but we went to selectively vaccinating and finally stopped vaccinating after our 4th arrived.   My oldest was vaccinated for HepB as a toddler when the vaccine came out.  He is now 21 and in a BS Respiratory Therapy program and must have titers drawn to prove his HepB is still effective  I do believe in HepB for medical professionals...
#1 Vax'd  HEAVY pox fever puking COVERED head to toe #2 Vax'd 6 pox puked fever #3 Vax'd we THINK he had them #4 UnVax'd  Mild pox mild fever
We have been to Mexico < Cancun> and Dominican Republic w/ a partially vax'd 8 yr old and an unvaxed 3 yr old.
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