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Yes these area all things you should have thought about and many you will not be able to change.   You can achieve them but it sounds like it will require you to work to afford them.  He's 10 so you have at least 8 more years of child support and probably more if he agreed to help him with college.   I agree with the OP find a good therapist or divorce lawyer.  
I would dab a little aquaphor or something similar on the end.   He's 3.5 and even if he has a UTI sounds like his first that happens sometimes but it could be just irritation burning.  "I" used to get irritated if I used a strange soap as a kid wasnt cause to get my labia cut off.  Unless he is REALLY uncomfortable or spikes a fever I would wait.   If he says his penis burns/hurts again I would say lets put this cream on it and make it feel better.  Sometimes if its...
Im going to email a friend  Capital Womens care delivered 2 of her daughters and I dont think she was in the OR.  I'll see if she will post.
I think if the first shot is given after 15 months you only need one.  
Logan because I had the hots for Wolverine when I was a preteen and thought it was the coolest name ever Connor  I had insomnia and was watching old movies late at night and the Highlander came on and Connor was it. Nathan was the only name DH and I could agree on Jackson Charles .. Jackson was my grandfathers middle name and Charles was DH's grandfather and uncle and he was born on Uncle Chucks birthday. All my boys also have family middle names.
Looks like we are relocating!  I need it all ladies  Ped or family doc who is OK with delayed vaxing.  I need a dentist and family doc for DH and & I and a gyn.   Pretty sure we will be in St Charles that is where the company is.
Never had a problem with Dr Budi in Hagerstown.   He was born in India.  The other docs int the practice are Jewish so I dont know I never saw them for a well baby exam w/ my intact guy. 
  I want to see it but I chuckled all the way through "I am Legend" ( with Will Smith) where the anti cancer vaccine mutated turned the population into zombies.
Sorry I'm going with the the kiddo on  this one.  If you have money for  flat screens and laptops you have money for rock climbing.  Electronics do not make all kids happy.  FYI  our kids doctor will tell you it is NOT recommended for children to even have TV's in their rooms.  
when they continue to bite their siblings , momma and aunt they need to know its not acceptable   What about all the ones who get bit to the point of bruises?  All the NO's and putting them in time outs dont work on every child.    It is a FAR cry from biting.   The OP will need to figure out a way to deter the biting seems like what she has been doing isn't working.   A child was asked to be taken out of one of my children's preschool because of biting...
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