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I think she may also giving you a  warning.  Your day care provider can have her biting the infants who have not done anything to provoker her.  I really get biting in frutration but if she is going over to confined infants to bit them thats a different story.   I agree with the time outs  I also squeezed my one sons cheeks enough to get his attention when I said NO VERY loudly enough to make him jump.   Biting is hard but dont be surprised if it continues that you are...
here is my curly blond almost 3 yr old.  I think we have cut his 4 times? http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o130/jeanaspictures/531.jpg   Everyone loves Jack's curls I refuse to chop it "short"
We are conservative Fox news junkie kind of people ;)  
I would go but put new baby in a sling / carrier.   I found people are less likely to "want" the baby if they are attached.  I took Jack to chruch at 7 days old and no one asked to hold him.
I have a 08 Oddy  and have had ZERO complaints   I test drove the Grand Caravan and Sienna and it was down to the oddy or the sienna  I like the interior better on the honda what it came down to was the sales man was more helpful at the Honda dealership and the Toyota guy talked over me and spoke directly to my husband.  DH kept mentioning "I" was the one he needed to  address because it was MY car.    In the end the salesman was the deciding factor.  I would have been...
After the 4th boy I guess I was kind of numb to the whole chair climbing phase.  Just show them how to climb back down but when they start pushing the chairs to the counter and climbing on the counter to get the cookies/crackers/ cereal/snacks its what drove me nuts.   I had to tie one leg of the chair to the table leg.   I just kept aware It is a phase
  http://www.amazon.com/Brothers-ALL-Natural-Variety-Crisps-Strawberry-Banana/dp/B001942GAI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1312578352&sr=8-1   Fruit crisps ROCK.  Our favorites are the strawberry/banana mix and the pear.   I have seen them at walmart and costco also.  2 fruit servings in each package.  Not anymore messy than crackers.
pears... try giving him pears only for a day or 2 I had even mixed half pears half prunes in "times of need".    I would ( like you have done) skip the cereal and anything like bananas , potato or broccoli/ cauliflower (they are gassy).  My DS2 had a very sensitive digestive system for many months after starting solids.  he needed one full meal of fruit to keep him regular.  Pears worked best for us along with peaches.  They were gentler than prunes   
My cousin is going to be grandma w/ a little boy.  I brought up "has she researched" circ'ing  and she said no but she is a young open minded young lady and is going to breastfeed etc.  She asked if I had any good informative links to send to her.  Which are be your more favorite links?  Is there a link to view the actual procedure?
I was going to say get a cardiac consult.  EkG/Eco
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