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Yup Nathan did from a slimy mouthful to what I could guess was an ounce or two.   My ped was pretty consertive and said as long as he was happy and gaining weight to wait it out till he was a year.  Something about the valve that closes off the top of the stomach being immature in some children and it usually corrects its self by a year... Nathan I SWEAR was 11 month 3 weeks and it just stopped.  Heavier foods were not an issue just breastmilk/ formula.  I learned to...
my DS 3 was a happy spitter.  He just spit up for 11 months 3 weeks.  My ped said it usually goes away at either 6 months or a year.  He ate gained weight grew met his mile stones but spit up after EVERY bottle or breast he ever took.   We tried every formula and nothing made a difference.  I used toddler prefolds or hand towels instead of burp clothes on my shoulders and changed my shirt no less than 3x a day.    I found out my husband was the same way.   PM me if...
Rolled toilet paper is a luxury you put out for guests.   opening the cabinet/drawer to retrieve your pieces.   what is it about neat toilet paper that drives a toddler crazy?
OH I have a doozie for ya   You have been to Lowes both inside to select a paint color and buy paint brushes tape etc and the garden center for potting soil all while wearing 3 sparkly stickers on your face ( one being a star between your eyebrows)   yes I did
you know where EVERY public rest room is in the tri state area because "bathroom visiting" has become a new hobby during potty training. You fight the other mom for one of the "car" grocery carts you have a fresh pair of undies in your purse you sing the ABC song when washing your hands ( and the toddler is not present at the time) You FINALLY get to go someplace by yourself ( after your spouse sees the signs of mommy break down... ya know what they are ) and you...
I can totally see my 7 yr old doing the same thing.   I would say something to him if I were there but ( knowing him) if a child was just flipping peddles then he wasn't "using" the bike he would be just flipping peddles.   Im not saying it's right but I can also see were the other child was coming from.    
Jack is in a 9 or 9.5 depending on the shoe  He will be 3 the end of October so a bit more the 2.5
Tangle Teezers ROCK  seriously its amazing.   I have a curly headed boy and he no longer SCREAMS when I brush his hair.   My friend said it wonderful on her little boy with african-american tight curls also.   
19, 16 and 7 are circ'd  2yr old is not.  Never been an issue.  7 yr old has never noticed or asked why Jack's is different.   My 16 yr old  used to give me a hard time about not circ'ing Jack but a few months ago when he was taking his AP Anatomy & Phys class he came home and said ya know all that "stuff" you were talking about when "we" had Jack and keeping him intact  -- well you were probably right.      There is zero issues here.   So if baby boy #2 is born with...
Buy him a seat... Since yours is already paid for you can look at it as half price for each.   NO WAY I would lap baby a toddler.
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