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Head IV's are standard on very dehydrated infants The way the article was written it made it sound like they jammed a needle in the childs skull anyone with out medical knowledge would freak out.  Also SAYING a doctor was on board with the alternate formula and the doctor actually being on board are 2 different things.  Many people only hear what they want to hear.   I read the article and it didnt say they vaccinated the baby unless I missed it.  Our CPS are not evil...
I have a delayed 2.5 yr old we did 1 HiB and 3 DTaP   Jack had chicken pox April 09.   No issues mild/moderate case no scars   We will not be doing the MMR anytime soon.   
Im also in the reasonally close age.   OF my 4 I had 2 who ate before 6 months 2 that ate after.  I could have no more refused the early ones as made the late ones eat sooner.   At barely 4 months my oldest was sitting on my lap at dinner ( well after dinner) and my mother was sitting across from me grinning  Logan was rubbing his fingers in my applesauce and licking it off his fingers.  We tried a little on a spoon and I thought he would eat the spoon. He was drinking...
Forum crasher.   I have 4 boys.  19,16 7 and 2.   the first 3 would ONLY sleep in their tummies.   I mean more that 20 minutes sleep.   After 3 weeks I was SO sleep deprived I gave up and put them in the bassinet on their tummy.  Firm mattress no toys etc.  They were all big strong babies who could lift their heads well.  WE needed sleep I was getting crazy ( and depressed) by getting up ever 30 minutes round the clock.  By the time ds3 was born and doing the same thing...
yes if he is on the birth certificate he can request a certified copy for a fee.   He can do that on his own.    My X did it because I refused to do it for him
Yes since its such an old article what is the outcome?
None of mine have napped after 2.   Sounds like naps are ending.
DS4 will be 3 in October.   He will start 3 mornings a week in August at a montessori preschool.     He will do 5 mornings a week the year before Kindergarten.    No way could do more than 3 mornings before 4  "I" would  miss him to much
OP... One of my best friends in the whole wide world has Aspergers.   She is a microbiologist , married and has 3 kids.   She has some quirky traits but is a wonderful person.  As far as I know Aspergers doesn't go away.
List Im not sure but here is the cdc list of exciepients  http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/b/excipient-table-2.pdf
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