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I've never been asked for ID for my kids and we a have flown a couple times a year.   I have seen many lap baby parents been asked for ID.    Yes UNDER 2 is not required to have a seat ( we ALWAYS ALWAYS bought a seat for safety reasons).   You may be required to prove age if you are flying with a lap baby. My kids do have passports and I do bring them but no one has ever asked ( unless we are flying international)
Child support will be ordered from the state you got the order/live not the state he lives in.  OP as you know if your son was diagnosed with Aspergers he very well could have the memory skills that allow him to recall VERY early memories.  The can often posses splintered skills that allow them to be intensely focused on specific areas and his may be memory of events. Hang in there <3   Did     
We did this schedule for 9 yrs.  It can work but there has to be alot of communication.   My X left most things up to me to schedule etc.  If your X is willing to work with you it works well.   My X's wife tried to get involved in scheduling things and it through EVERYTHING off.    I finally had to take her off the dr office list and school list and things worked much smoother.      
2.5 gets up between 9-10  goes to bed 830-9.  No naps here.
No what I was saying ( and I hear a ton about flyers from a good friend who has been a flight attendant for 20 yrs) IF  someone has a empty seat next to them and you are trying to snag a "free empty seat" the person in the assigned seat w/ an empty beside them does not have to move.  My friend who is the flight attendant will NOT has not flown with either of her children as a lap child.   She has experienced to many fights with turbulence that she said she could not have...
We use ca baby and badger and we are in and out all day long.   Jack (2.5) uses our hot tub on the deck has his personal "pool"  I used CA baby in Costa Rica and Punta Cana and no one got even pink.   I also use blue lizard in a pinch.
That can get sticky.   If he is on the lease / deed he really doesnt have to leave if there is not "reason".   He could say he is going to contest the divorce and stay the duration.
I signed the bottom of the health form that said about religious exemption.   That was it in Maryland ( for me anyway  the health assistant tried to question me and the secretary piped up and said.... YOu can ask her about her religion the supreme court said so)  That was it.
For 14 hrs?   Sorry but I simply would not go if I couldn't purchase a seat for that length of time.  Your going to be tired sore and grumpy.   If you get any type of turbulence then your stuck in your seat for long periods of time.  You can hope for an open seat but people do not HAVE to switch seats with you.
We love our Montessori program.    Jack will start this fall he will be closer to 3 but we also have the choice of 2, 3 or 5 mornings ( or full days).    Because he will be closer to 3 we chose the 3 morning a week program.   Worked great for my now 7 yr old 
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